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  1. i'm proud of my work on this fine website, i put "owning BVB/BOTDF nerds on the internet, 2012-2014" on my resume
  2. am i old enough to rememeber it zachary
  3. if there's any cute russian spammers who want my CC number don't be afraid to PM me ;)

  4. I always get depressed when i log back into this website and see its almost completely dead

  5. What do you play? Favorite song to play? What are you working on? I've been drumming for two years and playing the guitar (and messing with a bass guitar) for a few months.
  6. DelTFH

    Is EP dead?

    Yeah dude, it was over 600 dollars. The guy got cut and went to their rivals, the Bills. I think Rex Ryan put a hit out on him,
  7. DelTFH

    Is EP dead?

    I didn't catch it but I heard they lost their kicker for the season. Did you hear about Geno Smith? Some LB broke his jaw with a sucker punch and now he's out for 6-10 weeks.
  8. DelTFH

    Is EP dead?

    Panthers are looking good this year but Sam Bradfords gonna become the first QB to win a Superbowl from a wheelchair for the Eagles
  9. DelTFH

    Is EP dead?

    Do people still come here?
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