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  1. Y'all. It's been years.

    This saddens me
  2. Y'all. It's been years.

    Does the ip chat still exist? The chat tab takes you to chatango now
  3. Okay so I'm pressed for time and this is very confusing to me, but I wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone had any input on my situation. I enjoy sex. I do. It's freaking fantastic. The problem? I don't care for it. This part doesn't even make sense to me. Like okay I'll have it and I like when I do have it, but I don't ever feel like having it? I'd like to make sense of the situation so I can actually explain it to my boyfriend. I told him about what I am feeling today he got upset, felt inadequate, and suggested I apologize for making him feel such things. Is there anyone who can even remotely relate? I'm tired of being freaking confused all the time.
  4. what is the dumbest law you ever heard

    The molestation of trash cans is banned in Florida....
  5. Im a banana <3

    NOOO I THOUGHT THIS THREAD WAS DEAD noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS oh no not again aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh
  6. Sex, Kiss, Hug, Pass, or Other!!

    lolol since when am I a ninja? we used to be superawesometastic ninja mods but neither of us are mods anymore so that kinda didn't pan out *comes back as zombie kitty and gums your arm since I have no teeth*
  7. Sex, Kiss, Hug, Pass, or Other!!

    you are my mother in law you should not be pelvic thrusting me D: *falls over and dies, tripping you*
  8. First Thought Game

  9. Dear _____,

    Dear tummy Y U ITCH?!?!!
  10. Last person to post wins

    I need moar caffeine in order to keep winning like this o.o
  11. Sex, Kiss, Hug, Pass, or Other!!

    WHY ARE WE THRUSTING PELVISES *pokes and runs away*
  12. Transsexual Emo

    ^ I beg to differ. A transexual is a guy that identifies as a girl, and a girl as a guy. What you described is nothing but a crossdresser. Not trying to be rude but it sounded rude oops :x
  13. Last person to post wins

    nooo D: you said you bruised me :c
  14. Last person to post wins

    D: Why you bruise me? :c
  15. Last person to post wins

    *tackles Amii and sits on her* NO! I win!