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    I love listening to music but who doesn't cx i skate from time to time my fav movie is nightmare before christmas i adore the colors red lack grey blue and white i also draw write poems yes i write poems ;-; umm i love the outside world so yea thats petty much it ^~^
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  1. im wearing my black skinnys and my crown the empire shirt c:
  2. going to warped tour this year :D i cant wait it starts one day after my day xD

    1. Stilldeciding


      GAHHHHH! Envy is all I feel at this point in time

  3. Hehe thank you x3 im thinking about getting my bridge done or septum
  4. im an "emo pringle" not a "single pringle" x33

    1. EvilActivity


      dropping so many hints about how "emo" you are is really nauseating...

    2. emoboy bring me thehorizon

      emoboy bring me thehorizon

      i wasnt .-. i had a thought about how everyone says "im a single pringle" and i was just saying what i thought :P

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