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  1. I'm straight but I like lesbian porn ????
  2. I'm now level 17 lol
  3. I messaged you but you didn't replied... ;-;
  4. I messaged you but you didn't replied... ;-;
  5. Mars


    I keep checking ep every 5 minutes
  6. Mars


    No ones ever online here!!!! Sorry for making this thread
  7. Mars


    I was feeling lonely... So I kiked a girl and we started talking about our problems... Me: no one loves me. She: why? Me: bc I'm ugly. She: god loves you. Me: I'm atheist ._. She: that makes you uglier. -I blocked her-
  8. Mars

    Bored and Lonely

    Hey you can pm me anytime you like... I really see a potential best friend in you cx
  9. Anyone here plays Warspear online... If you don't play it then I recommend you should... It's a really nice game... I'm a level 15 blade dancer in us-sapphire realm...
  10. Mars


    Aww... I know one thing that you need... -hugs tightly- You can pm me anytime....
  11. Castle of glass is "growing"
  12. I was listening to 'Castle Of Glass', and i realised that that song doesn't have one single meaning. 'castle of glass' can refer to anything, happiness, justice, love, peace, family, relationship.... So is there any song you like with multiple themes or meaning ( as i say, 'whose meaning and theme grow')?
  13. "All I've ever wanted, the secrets that you keep All you ever wanted, the truth I couldn't speak" "The light on the horizon was brighter yesterday With shadows floating over, the scars begin to fade We said it was forever but then it slipped away Standing at the end of the final masquerade The final masquerade" CAN Y'ALL FEEL IT?
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