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  1. bitemei'llbiteback

    im at school

    im at school and we cant have makeup on well not the way i like to have my makeup anyway and we have to have a uniform on this bites
  2. Dose anyone some bands for me to look up I don't really care I just want some new stuff to lessen to please help love yall
  3. bitemei'llbiteback

    20150520 084133

    So I have my scrubs on I'm going for pharmacy tech
  4. This was back when I had my piercings
  5. Me at Gary Job Corps
  6. hey what up im back a lot has happebd i get a new phone im going to Gary Jod Corps im at home right now taking care of my mom because she broke her arm and had to get surgery on it i got my glass i had got my lip piercings but they closed up im geting tattoos and my lip redone when i go to warptour backstage passes so ya thata all thats going pn with me

  7. i love my nails i think ill make them look like batman what yall tbink of thatl

  8. I would like to know what color and what stiel I should get
  9. ok so i was on Facebook and i did one of those thing where u put ur fav bands and songs and i put Pierce The Veil and Black Veil Brides and this guy came on and said what hell and i said what and he said that is devil warship music. tell me what would u do if that happen to u.
  10. ok so im bi and when i tell some people they will get all mad about it y is that
  11. OMG ok i have to do a projet in class about cars and ever time no mater what i put in the such box that stupid car from the move cars keep coming up its tarting to piss me off!!!!

  12. so ya my mom kicked me out I'm in a homeless shelter idk what to do any ideas

    1. Gothic_Fairies


      why dont you live with mathew


    2. bitemei'llbiteback


      i can't his mom won't let me


  13. hi what up i having been on in a bit what up

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