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MegLaRawqkStar last won the day on April 9 2011

MegLaRawqkStar had the most liked content!

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1 'Who is this kid?'

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    Music,Music,Music.....Poetry.....guitar....thats bout it
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  1. i haven"t been on in forever! :o oh well im back!

    1. johnny63o


      Welcome back person I've never met lol

    2. Milk-Bottle


      back to welcomeville o,o

    3. MegLaRawqkStar
  2. haven't been on in a while..wow! in other news graduated yay! to highschool i go!

  3. oh and got rejected by a boy i liked..but w.e hes not worth me feeling sad

  4. oh school why must you be so boring! Avenged sevenfold shall be my happy place

  5. YOU ARE NOT FAT! those guys were just meanines! =p

  6. i was walking my dog. and some guy yelled look at that fat chick. aint she ugly.....:( tis be why my self esteem is so low

  7. Have you ever felt alone? Even on a crowded street Like nobody notices you And your as invisible as can be Have you ever felt alone? Even with a million friends Well if you’ve ever felt alone There’s something you should know Your special unique No one is like you And even though you feel alone I’m here for you! <3
  8. i think im gonna listen to A7X then write some poetry

  9. Tired and single! Boston is cold! im just going to listen to Slipknot!

  10. What do you do? When your ugly an fat An you know no boy wants a girl like that What do you do when your alone in a pond The ugly duckling nobody wants What do you when you start losing friends Because their pretty and boys want them. What do you do when you’re the ugly duckling Left alone! What do you do When you’ve lost all hope. When you see no one really cares. When your friends start to change on move on What do you do? You disappear
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