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    •The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    •Motionless in White
    •Bowling for Soup
    •Mayday Parade
    •The Devil Wears Prada
    •We the Kings
    •Black Veil Brides
    •The Misfits
    •My Chemical Romance
    •All Time Low
    •Falling in Reverse
    •Get Scared
    •Of Mice and Men
    •Sleeping with Sirens
    •Relient K
    •As I Lay Dying
    •Suicide Silence

    ~Anime (is my life)~
    •Inuyasha (all time fave)
    •Death Note
    •Fruits Basket
    •Highschool of the Undead
    •Attack on Titan
    •Sailor Moon
    (And sooo many more that I can't remember the names of!)

    Studio Ghibli and Hot Topic are the two best things that have ever exsisted.

    ~I absolutely love horror movies and gore. Call me sick, but I find it entertaining~

    •Going to Warped Tour on the 28th•

    [I love rain ^_^]

    Video games are amazing.

    I don't really care what gender you are, if you're cool and we have similar interests I'll like you.
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  1. There are way too many bands to say who my favorite is but I'm extremely excited to see Mayday Parade, Motionless in White, and We the Kings
  2. Motionless in White is one of the most amazing bands you will ever hear. Can't wait to see them at Warped! <3
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