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    Music all kinds, talking about anything at all nothing is too weird or off limits, art= passion of mine
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  1. Honestly, I hate the cold that's up here. Not used to consistent weather :/
  2. Came from CO and recently moved to PA for college.
  3. Mine is Avery, which is a girls name, im a dude. the only other Averys i know are all girl. I've known 7
  4. Certain people are ignoring me for no reason, what did I do?

  5. I want a lip or eyebrow piercing, I want red/black polinesian tribal style on my shoulder that goes on my chest and back a little
  6. irish blend monster and cuba lima monster
  7. Hot water pouring all down my body, then as I walk away, a missile hits me square in the chest!
  8. DeathsKiss

    Friends //-^

    Hey fellow night creatures!! New here :/ I like this place though. Into music ( all kinds) and I'm an artist. MSG me if you wanna hang I got kik snapchat fb whatever you know check me out
  9. DeathsKiss


    Oh wow could I just steal you away?! Gorgeous!
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