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  1. Black with some grey hair now. Only 18 though but still
  2. I never went to rape tour but i used to like Cobra starship back in the day..dont judge me
  3. Trust me when i say this IT WILL GET BETTER. I have had the worst of worst mental conditions in my life and im only 18 and i've recovered from things people said aren't possible. I know it seems really hard atm but i swear to you things will get better. But as collette said That self esteem tho
  4. That was very deep. It's easy to see you spent time making this. Awesome first poem that you completed!
  5. What a valuable thread.
  6. I want a fucking big ass panda. How epic would that shit be. I'd give him all the bamboos. He'd be my companion right. cool stuff. am i right?
  7. Good stuff! As the person above pointed out it's freaking epic
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