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  1. Is he famous, or just some random emo model?
  2. OK then... Post a photo of you two together if you want...
  3. I can't understand why people join forums if they just upload photos and don't post anything...

    1. MissNyxGloom


      People actually do that?

  4. alakazam

    alakazam's world

    Random photos of alakazam
  5. Just curious: are you a member of any other emo or scene communities (either forums, emo facebook groups or skype groups or whatever)? Or is EmoPuddle the only emo community you use/know at the moment?
  6. I'm an administrator of a few other forums myself, and I have always found it interesting to know how members discover new communities and decide to join. Whether it's by means of search engines, word of mouth, shout outs on social networks etc. So, about EmoPuddle... I found it by literally looking up "emo forums" on google. How did you find this community?
  7. You know, you could use the same logic to defend pedophilia. Just because a lot of animal species have been known to breed at very early ages doesn't mean that it's ok for us humans to do it. Just saying...
  8. The USA budget deficits as a percentage of GDP, by administration. I dunno. I found it on another website and people were debating about whether Romney would make such a big deficit as Obama.
  9. Obama is the worst thing that happened to the USA in the past 100 years.
  10. OMFG! LOL! Didn't Andy Biersack have a similar hairstyle some time ago...?
  11. What's your least favorite emo hairstyle? The hairstyle that you dislike the most. Post pics in this thread to show it to us.
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