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    My interests are everything with music and art
    i love to sing or play on my guitar and ofcourse listen to my bands
    i also love to draw or paint..
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  1. almost morning here.. im lonely

  2. I like HU more when deuce was still in it..i think the old songs are just a little better.. So im on deuces side haha for now.. I like believe and comming back down the most
  3. Euhm.. To much.. I like all their songs .lost it all .savior .in the end .fallen angels .love isnt always fair .rebel love song .world on fire
  4. Im laying in bed.. I cant sleep.. I just had a conversation..with a stuffed-animal.. My teddy's arevthe only friends i have.. I've been bullied and im still getting bullied so bad that i cantveven socialize anymore..cant sleep either..im just sitting in the dark talking to myself.. And its so cold.. Whish i had someone to hold me tight..keep me warm and tell me its going to be ok.. There is so much going on in my life..so please..dont judge..
  5. ShadyNightz


    You can talk to me if you want.. Ugh i hate to see how many dicks there are on this site.. You need to believe in yourself again..this world is cold.. Its ubnfair but you are not alone!
  6. ShadyNightz


    So.. This is a site to express yourself .nd when you do it ppl say.. Things like this.. Well .. I know how you feel.. And 'deal with it' is not a good advice iv'e been on the edge too.. Almost killed myself.. But its your depression whats really killing you cause, even if it seems like you have nothing to live for.. You always have! There are always pple like me..who care.. The dark clouds will dissapear one day..never give up! Cause you dont know how far you are to the end of the pain and hurt im here if you need someone to talk to.. I try to give pple hope.. While im in the darkest place there is.. That sucks
  7. Depression to me is like... You dont wake up from a nightmare.. Sometimes you dream that you're falling and then you feel it too.. Thats when you normally wake up i dont.. Just keep on falling.. Friends? What's that? Family? Who cares? ..there is no reason to wake up anymore.. Why should i go to school? Future..what future? Depression is just realizing you'll die anyway..even if you have anything you want.. You wil die! So what's the point.. Why would you keep hurting yourself if you will die . There you arw..sitting in this black hole..no way out..there is a knife in front of you.. The pain and hurt cant be taken away..but what if i can hurt mysf even more..maybe that will take the pain in my heart away.. You take the knife..put in on your skin and start to cry it all comes out! You start to cut.. See the blood.. Its not enough! You are still in pain! Its bleeding as hell.. Deep into your skin.. Thats when the tears are dryed out.. The pain from the wounds are hurting more then your soulf..for now.. Its a relieve..but how long will it take befor the awfull pain will return? :'3
  8. okay.. im awake all night.. trying to make no sound so my parrenrlts can sleep

  9. I've got two tats and two piercings..in My nose and my bellybutton
  10. Some of my drawings.. Ive got like a book full but these are the ones t had in my phone
  11. YAY .. i have my first friend on this site :,3

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