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-2 'I don't know you, but I don't like you'

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    Highly into music. Others include writing (mainly songs and poems), gaming and making people feel better.
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  1. Go with your favourite colour. We don't really get much of a reference on what would look good because 1.) we don't have decent pics of you, and even if we did it'd be difficult to get a read until after you've dyed it anyway, and 2.) each dye of a different brand will look different, even if it's the same colour. Every brand you go to will have a different blue and green and red. Also notice how I spelt it colour. #OPEurope
  2. Where my skullcandies at ;~;?

  3. So, my idea is this: post the name and/or link to a band, artist, singer, DJ or producer that you think no one else on here will know. Good way to get people interested in new underground music.
  4. Your singing = great Your guitar skills = I'm jealous Your production values = terrible.You need to be able to mix and master sounds, or at least be able to round out anything rough, get some free drum samples and smooth everything out. Also, don't bother with home-made music vids like these, focus your time on making your music quality much better. I use FL Studio 12 myself, it has pretty much everything you need. Put that guitar through the Parametric EQ 2, boost the bright frequencies a little under 0db then put it through soem compression and/or a flanger. For the vocals, feel free
  5. Lol no. You earn respect. I respect people who care about those close to them, and speak their mind in any circumstance. I don't respect people who think they're being open minded when they're not, or people who constantly seek attention (neither of those pointed at you btw). I don't respect people I don't know or don't like.
  6. Nah I didn't post this for people to be sorry, I just wanted to rant, Don't be sorry.
  7. I'll spare details, those are boring. Basically, I'm constantly ill every day of my life. Yeah yeah, it sucks, I care more about being bored honestly. I'm not one to whine, being ill ain't that bad, I can deal with it...everyone's gonna die eventually, right? What's a little sooner..? Is what I would have said not long ago. But now I have a reason to live. I have people I love and friends I'd sacrifice anything for. I have dreams now that I never had, I want to do things when I used to just look forward to the next day, hoping I'd actually wake up. I finally have something to live for, an
  8. For me personally, it doesn't matter if they know I'm demi-pansexual or whatever I am, it's none of their business. I'm not exactly bringing home stray boys every night so it doesn't matter if they know or not. I can be me without everyone else sticking their noses in my business, ya know?
  9. Also probably isn't the time to talk about my gf's freakin' makeup from Hell range. I kissed her fairly deeply a few times and my mouth and tongue was burning like satan's ball sac. I kissed her after we'd both had some chili peppers the other night and it didn't sting half as much.
  10. I'm not one to care about sex or women or anything like that. I find friends and love far more precious than sex or money. Of course, humans be humans, I don't mind at all about whether someone has sex or not. Attitudes to law, while normally hand in hand, can be different. Our morals are often more important than the law in our eyes, and as long as your conscience is clear than things like age are irrelevant. That being said, I'm 16 lost mine 2 weeks ago. But that was to my fiancée, someone I intend to marry and spend my (albeit short) life with, not just a thrill. Personally, I think sex
  11. GraveyardShift


    Yo, anything particular you need help with? Or just hit me up with a message if ya bored, whatever ya want.
  12. Got a few... Blue Stahli - The Fall, Celldweller - Frozen, Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit All of these are legendary.
  13. Well, isn't this place grand?

  14. Well, thank you for the compliments, really :3. But I'm still not happy with myself...no ideas then? xD
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