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  1. Mad world Pandahead mix is the best. or Mikel wj
  2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ-2GV7l6kA is this what its like? please give as much info as possible and also are there meny emos there?
  3. heres the style. its a mix of all these but different. the green 1 is the closest only the hair on the one with ash white. no gloves and not those pants or belt in the green 1 only the hair but longer on the bottem of the sides in the rose one and the girl without the gun looks to biker for me but good style And no caps lol
  4. id you dont know any 3quater pants and collered shirts wil elbow length sleves web sites the what about urban lik shops that sell urban wear an urbansupply or the good looking jjs stuff?
  5. Cute Kat is a smart person actuly, emos know more then most about spirits and demons, but there dosent seem to be too meny real emos on this site, they are the ones who will realy help you. tbh they are your main likely source of help, eviactivity had a good point but just made emos look like fakers. truth is ur emo style will protect you too it keep you alive inside and keeps you from other bad shit. So youll be fine if you take my advice it will just go away an possibly wait for a chance to come back. also try to only block the demon out, not all spirit comunication. it is possible and just
  6. The way to deal with it is find out how to block its voice out(use ur will power and law of attraction, its done the same as learning to talk to spirits. this is the most importent step and the first normaly but do what you need most. And stay alive ), learn to walk your own body again and slow down physicly take each step yourself, decide where to put you foot down and how untill YOU do it all again. never talk to it ever! no matter what, it will just make you like it or open up to it or fear it. and start talking for your self again . to do all this you need to relax find ur inocence again
  7. i agree, like she looks alright but not good and youd never say shes emo. i thnk mixing some dark coulered dreds in a realy detailed hair style would be great if done properly but itd be almost impossible for most.
  8. Hi eveybody. ive been lookin for a while and i finly found an emo forum. Hey i was wondering what onlinestores you knew of that sell collered shirts that have sleves that go to the elbows or a bit before or abit past and good 3quater pants? or any other realy nice emo clothes. i lost all my clothes through a seires of unfortunate events and ergently need to find so great stuff to wear. im evan happy to buy second hand clothes of some ppl. im not particuly interested in metal shops but theyre ok sometimes an i know of hottopic, citybeach and blue banana. nothing that would suit me there.
  9. i see that style but evan worse all the time. some evan have only the very top with hair an the fringe back over it stiling up like elvis but all the way back . wtf is wrong with the world it fucking crazy. and have yous seen the shit at big w, no one evan wears that stuff.
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