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    Anime, Video-games, the woods, being alone (unless I'm with people I actually care about), dark music.
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  1. The Sun Will Set For You by Linkin Park, gets me everytime.......
  2. ShadowWolf


    Badass! Luv your hair!
  3. ShadowWolf

    Meee again. _ .

    Words cannot describe how amazahhh that hair looks!
  4. I'm the emo at my school. I get teased a lot (always guys). My advice, don't let it show that what they're saying is affecting you. Just shrug and walk off. works for me (but remember, it's okay to beat someone to a pulp as long as you don't throw the first punch)
  5. I'd want to die painlessly in the woods near my home listening to my good-bye song. Or,better yet in my sleep while I'm having the best dream ever
  6. Well, I'm open to give you hugs, but only the best hugs! I do not half ass on my hug quality ya know
  7. Hot Topic (when they have sales), HMV even has some clothes (the larger ones) that you might like
  8. What do you think of magic? Do you think it's real? Made up? Real in some way etc.?
  9. Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep...

  10. I'll dream about something and the next day something along the lines of that dream will happen
  11. tell it to ya loud and clear
  12. You've got talent ma friend! encore encore!
  13. This is beautiful and true. I'm sure multiple people (myself included) can relate. Fantashitic!
  14. Your hand in mine, Leave out all the rest, Blame it on the Weatherman, Carolyn, and or Shadow of the Day
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