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  1. 1. Drowning pool 2. Breaking Benjamin 3. Evanescence 4. Nickelback 5. Hinder 6. Three Day Grace 7. Daughtry 8. Seasons After 9. Seether 10. Theory of a deadman
  2. Talk about being addicted ... To pain? Maybe.

  3. I got caught skipping school by my mom and she left me at home alone and took my keys ... hahah

  4. Confession: I use to do ANYTHING to get my parents attention.. It didn't work.. So now I'm a smart, school skipping, addicted, beautiful, slut.. (The 'slut' part is my mom's thought of me)
  5. Well I'm new to this website and well I honestly don't know what to do, but I would like to talk about something that is very important to me.. And that would be that many people including myself get lost. I know I got lost because of all the crap that was thrown in my face like lets see 3 going on 4 years ago. And all that crap is stuff that I honestly think people shouldn't go through! Anyways, going back on point how many people are lost at this moment do to situations we wish never happened??
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