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seamless standstill

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  1. Why are you mad? When I'm mad I get an egg carton and throw eggs at cars that are passing by not proud of it but it helps
  2. Oh god yes. But I wish it wasn't true my life sucks rn I'm ad mad as the Hatter and as lost as Alice
  3. I hate how people kik or text me and say that I'm pretty cool and an awesome person to talk to and we laugh and talk about random shit but then never text back
  4. Just because ur depressed doesn't make you emo you can be depressed and be goth or punk. emo is a type of music an emo person is someone who listens to loves and appreciates the music
  5. I wouldn't be here I would probably do something stupid that I would have gotten in deep trouble for of the world wasn't ending
  6. Hey guys is this wierd? when I'm in the mood I write stuff like this idk what to call it its not poetry or lyrics idk here's what I wrote: Beautiful porcelain skin smooth and cool to the touch the scarlet streaks stunning against its pale background. A gentle face twisted in agony from pain more complicated than physical. Onyx eyes strangely empty. Starring at the blade on the floor. Hair matted and clumped, chipped nail polish on overly bitten nails.... A site that you'll never see. Would u even care if you did? Causing destruction in your wake without even having a clue... She gets up co
  7. Yes!!!! But still topics been posted one too many times
  8. Fuck yeah teenagers and black parade my all time favorites
  9. Falling in reverse Black veil brides Bring me the horizon Sleeping with Sirens My chemical romance
  10. Vampire!!!^,,^ but not like twilight cuz those are pussy vampires
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