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    georgia, shitty s tifton-dont ever come here unless your getting me the hel away from it....
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  1. what else is on my mind besides the everyday bullshit that constantly pounds my head every-single day....hmmmmmmm lets see...nothing......... -_-

  2. im so sick of the hollier than thou shit-_- #gettingpreached

  3. Im sorry to hear that hope the bastard dies in the worse most slow-tormenting humiliating way fit for his crime.
  4. that sounds depressing and no your not a ghost your a humanbeing others refuse to hear because they are to afraid that they might end up atually liking you and realizing that everything that is publisized is bullshit.........Ultimatly the media is responsible for that for embedding dumbshit into the minds of the younge by publisizing and advertizing all the latest new trends, stupid celebrity shit that noone really gives a shit about, and nothing but bullshuit drama, and they are to afraid of relizing there is whole other world out there fa more vast and complex the they once realized, and th
  5. how old is this wesite veerything on here s like a few years old lol
  6. thow some shit around-works for me........ XD
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