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Baby Firefly

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  1. Been there, bought all that. But seriously, what the shit? >_>
  2. Her message, attitude, etc. don't bother me as much as the music itself. The lyrics are fine at times but I can't stand the sound of most of her songs (just not my thing, I guess but there are worse singers/rappers out there). I try not to read too much into her stuff though. *Shrug* I do think 'skinny shaming', while not as much of a plague as 'fat shaming', is pretty counterproductive and comes across as vengeful more than anything, which is silly. People shouldn't need to knock anyone down to feel better for themselves. That's stupid as hell regardless of reason.
  3. Nightwish Within Temptation My Chemical Romance Fleetwood Mac Marilyn Manson Rob Zombie Gin Wigmore Dimmu Borgir Cradle Of Filth Deathstars
  4. I sort of know the feeling (though they haven't really given me a set timespan, which is rather strange). Hopefully you've been coping better with your situation than I've been with mine. I pretty much 'self destructed' for a good year or so. Boredom is definitely a big issue with me when it comes to this. Before the diagnosis and the treatments and blahblahblah, I had the 'meh, tomorrow will be better, what's one day of not doing anything?' mindset but now I feel like I totally wasted a day whenever I don't take advantage of it, lol. Hopefully you're doing well<3.
  5. 'The Walken Dead' shirt Dark blue jeans Black boots Black socks Spider choker
  6. celestial_libra; And that's totally normal, lol. I was actually sort of worried about coming out to some of my friends and relatives who are LGBT even though I really had no reason to be.
  7. My stepdad tolerates me, my mom and grandma accept me, my stepbrother is 'one of me' (that sounds weird but I'm sure you get it, lol).
  8. Just a couple that I wrote years ago. Nothing too special, just some story poems (I've actually considered fleshing The Fates Of The Thirteen out into a novella or something). Let me know what you think. THE FATES OF THE THIRTEEN January 19th,2008 A Woman Is Impregnated By Her Rapist, And Eventually Loses Her Position On The Police Force The Beauty Queen Starves Herself To Become Perfect The Businessman May Seem Powerful,But Really He's As Insecure As Anyone Else The High School Counselor Attempts Suicide, Unable To Dea
  9. Being really hungover while on a field trip with my old theater troupe and walking into a glass door. I dropped my Pepsi and it pretty much exploded on me and the glass. There were a few dozen people that saw it. Thankfully I've never seen them again so it's not that big of a deal but at the time, I was pretty much blood red, lol.
  10. This has always stuck with me since on the same day my town was hit another area in Ohio was hit even worse (with more damage and deaths). Seeing how we'd been caught in previous tornados at home without proper shelter, we decided to play it safe with this one and as soon as the weather started acting up, we sped to the fire station along with a bunch of other people from town. A ton of people crowded into the building and only a few minutes after we arrived, everything went black and all I could hear was wind and a baby screaming on a loop (which turned out to be a fake baby someone had for a
  11. Spicy Mexican candy is the shit.
  12. Survivor, The Sopranos, The L Word, Weeds, Lost, Masters Of Horror, Warehouse 13, The Weakest Link, Desperate Housewives, The Walking Dead, Black Butler.
  13. The Devil's Rejects, Dawn Of The Dead (2004), Halloween II (2009), Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter, The Lords Of Salem, Stagefright (1987), Requiem For A Dream, The Impossible, The Poseidon Adventure, It Follows, House Of 1,000 Corpses, Black Swan, The Hills Have Eyes (2006), The Last House On The Left (1972), The Divide, Red State, Mother's Day (2010/12), Final Destination 2, Saw III, The Seasoning House.
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