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  1. so, I've been begging my parents let me dye my hair. They are finally giving me complete freedom over it, only issue is I have no idea what color I want it I've always had my natural dark brown hair, but I'm sort of slightly tan cuz im Puerto Rican. A girl I know that frequently dyes her hair and others hair said I would look weird with colored hair honestly don't care about that but at same time I really don't know what color... Any suggestions?
  2. 1. Pierce the veil 2. Green day 3. Saywecanfly 4. This wild life 5. Bring me the horizon 6. Sleeping with sirens 7. Nevershoutnever 8. A day to remember 9. Scary kids scaring kids 10. Simple plan
  3. im bored and need something to keep me occupied. Also debating on cutting my hair idk someone save me from loneliness and boredom b4 I do something stupid and make my hair look like 50 shades of mess.
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