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    love music,art,dancing,interested in history. I love doing things that I haven't done before. Some of my favorit bands BVB, Bring me the horizon, Slipknot, Marilyn Mason....
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  1. I would do crazy, dangerus things and then spend last moments with someone special
  2. Never eat my favorit food again. Would u rather be dead or live without love and hope?
  3. It will be nice to have superpowers:-) ;-) :-P

  4. i hate sun,rain and clouds are the best

  5. Some people tell me that im an angel with wiskey

  6. Im feeling like fallen angel who fell twice

  7. Kalipso


    Thats not something that is everything.
  8. Fight for what you believe no mater what

  9. Curious people are brave people

  10. Im listening deathbeds by bring me the horizon
  11. Kalipso


    My obsessions... Music, history, having fun, movies, boys...
  12. Life is full of new and interesting things... And good music. :-) ;-) :-P

  13. Listen to BVB goodbye agony

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