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  1. Well, since you posted this on 17th, what I'm about to say is probably not gonna matter. Terrible days are just that terrible days. They are just bad memories. Just try forget it, I know it's easier said than done but… DON'T BREAK THAT RECORD!!! That's really impressive, I used to not be able to go 2 days without cutting. Wait. "cut himself worse if I did"? In this relationship, he gets to cut but you don't? That's not fair, and it sounds like a threat (I mean by definition it is but…) and he's using the emotional strings you have attached to him to control you, but…here's where
  2. NyxJinx

    Impeccablely Flawed Me

    I don't why I'm doing this, I'm already self-conscious enough and I despise the way I look...I'm probably gonna regret this.
  3. Okay, what's the point of corsets? They sound kind of stupid, it like they on your back, most clothing covers your back and if arch your back-UGH! I don't even imagine much less describe it. There's no such thing as double spider bites, you are either thinking of shark bites or medusa bites. Depending on where you want them. On my ears, I want 0g-1/2 gauges on both ears, a bar on my left ear, five cartilage piercings on each. On my lips, start out with spider bites then upgrade to shark bites (maybe upgrade to cyber bites when I get tired/bored), a half angel on the right, dahlias,
  4. Both are cool! I only have a striped one, grey and black but it's a button up. I want a checkered one though, how about red 'n black or white 'n black? My daily outfits consist mostly of hoodies, and I recently got an Invader Zim Gir zip-up hoodie from Hot Topic.
  5. I just recently started shopping in Hot Topic, but have loved them since I was 8 and I wasn't even emo/goth/scene at that age. Mostly the reason why I haven't always shopped in there is because their shit is so fucking expensive it's crazy. Shirts/Hoodies: Hot Topic, Goodwill, Cato, TJMaxx, JCPenny (well, sometimes, when they have sales) and I'm hoping to get some boy (I'm a girl, is that weird? Whatever, idc) tees (y'know the ones with impertinent/bold/sarcastic remarks on 'em?) from Wal-mart and South Park tees from Target or some of the places I previously mentioned. Pants: Good
  6. I like muffins more than cupcakes, some people make the shittiest frosting and only ever use fucking vanilla batter, no one I know ever uses chocolate, red velvet or strawberry batter except my mom. But unfortunately she uses store-brought icing, blah! And if I can chose between French toast and pancakes, I'd pick French toast. But pancakes vs cupcakes, I chose pancakes only if they're from IHop. But I'd chose my mom's cupcakes over her pancakes.
  7. This is beautiful...I relate most with the alternate ending.
  8. I just discovered this site back in November or December, and I was so excited to see a place where I could dwell but then noticed that not a lot activity was going on. How'd this place die(/slowly dying) anyway?
  9. I have low ankle Converse sneakers with white skulls and roses outlines with neon pink shoelaces, I plan on changing them out with black and white checkered ones once spring rolls around. I'd like to get some creepers, studded/spiked platform boots or spiked or sparkly Converses, I used to have black glittery ones, but I grow out of them and gave to my mom's personal worker's girlfriend. I also used to have neon pink, purple and black PUMAS.
  10. I've only worn plain belts for sole purpose of keeping my pants up, I really like kind I see in Hot Topic, flat rhinestones/spikes? I should get some. I've never worn suspenders, but I want to get some though.
  11. Mine is strawberry blonde=it's a type of red hair, it’s a very light orange-y color. And I hate it, it was the only thing that everyone first sees about me, not to mention it's made me a target for my mom, saying that my red hair contributed to my temper, or that that's what guys like is red heads, yeah, like I want a guy wanting to fuck me just because of my hair color. I dyed it black back in December, pissed off my mom and she was stupid enough to think it had something to do with her , like I did it just to make her angry. Now she's been saying to people she thinks that the hair dye
  12. Corsets. 1800 balloon skirts. Anything from 1600s to early 1900s. Sweater dresses. Hot pants? I think that’s what they were called, they were high-waisted shorts.―"You in those little high-waisted shorts," - 'Sweater Weather' by The Neighborhood Gogo boots. Some of those ugly, chaotic color mash-up sweaters from the '80s, mullet and frizzy hair not included. Don't know if this counts but everything in Hot Topic (over the ages).
  13. The hairstyle I have requires little maintenance, so I would have no problems, though it does in my eyes sometimes. But my glasses usually keep that from happening. A t-shirt (with a long sleeved shirt–plain or adorned with skulls or stripes–underneath) with a zombie thing like "if we get surrounded by zombies, I'm tripping you" or a snarky comment, basically any t-shirt you'd see in Hot Topic. And maybe a Harry Potter, P!ATD, Jack Skellington or Deadpool tank top for the summertime. And a black and grey striped, teal and black plaid, black Invader Zim Gir, or black and white checkered hoo
  14. I have the same thing happen to me, my ex-church (I don't go anymore, and I no longer associate myself with them) hates them, when I say I like 'em everyone is just "why?", well, depending how big you go I think they look pretty cute. I saw some small ones on sale at Hot Topic last week and I'm kinda upset with myself that I didn't get them. I think they had cherries on them. But do you have to get your ears pierced? Or can you just do it yourself? I'm guessing probably not, but…
  15. Well, it really depends on your face shape, if your face is circle or triangle, it won't work, upside-down triangle (AKA heart shaped) and verticale oval and maybe square if your face is portioned correctly.
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