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  1. This is pretty late but I'd love to be your friend as well if you'd like
  2. I have been single all my life xD
  3. All Time Low is awesome, they're probably about my second favourite band but they were my favourite for a long time. I still really love them! Did you hear that Alex said they'll be coming out with a new album soon? I'm so excited!
  4. When I was 8-12 I played the violin, but stopped lessons when we moved house. I still have my violin and occasionally play it but not much. In grade 7 I did piano and singing lessons for a year which were pretty cool, but I never got really good. I still play piano sometimes as well, but mostly by ear now cause I hate reading music even though I can read it pretty easily. In grade 8 I saved up and bought myself a guitar, and have been attempting to teach myself how to play it ever since (without a lot of luck). I really like it though. That year I also did choir and stuff.
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