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  1. Hey i know tour feeling, i have anorexia too but i do want tot lose so much weight and now I was stopped for 3 weeks but I feel myself so fucking bad that I'm started again... And I want tot tell you that you can tell me everything you want to tell.I'm here for you okay!
  2. And @wingsofpestilence too but i cant tag you, idk why
  3. ????Foo Fighters ????Bring Me The Horizon ????Panic At The Disco ????Black Veil Brides ????Nirvana ????Asking Alexandria ????Metallica ????Imagine Dragons ????Fall Out Boy ????Fit For Rivals
  4. If you want to talk about something, im here for you
  5. Do what you feel, if you think i want to wait for him, do, but if you are not sure about it, see what happend
  6. Hey, so yeah im not the first one who comment but i think youre nice, you can kik me @the_black_mind_
  7. HEY, everyday i do my hair but at the end of the day my hair is awful, i got my hear over my forehead and do it well with hairspray but it never stays, have anyone some tips for me
  8. Lip piercings, eyebrow or a nose looks awesome
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