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  1. Fucking worried :/ Older brother has just had a serious FWD accident :/

  2. Life just keeps finding new ways to screw me over.

  3. When you tell someone how you actually feel and what you are truly worried about it's like a weight off your shoulders but then it comes crashing down thanks to your own anxiety.. fuck what if it wasn't the right thing to do...

  4. I have never been this excited for schooling ever aha

  5. 1 doctor down 5 different meds yay

  6. When I was younger I had an account and enjoyed my time on here and I came back :3 I used to stay up and read through everything and comment if I had an opinion.....
  7. At the moment for me its Greater heights by That Sunday Feeling
  8. Going for a snow shoot tomorrow :D Will post if the group will allow me to

  9. Nawh thankyou she is an absolute delight aha
  10. first successful photoshoot complete!

  11. Can't decide on what to do with myself anymore :/

  12. Buns is getting a friend I hope shell be just as cute :D

  13. wishing for that warm weather!! go away winter..

  14. wishing for that warm weather!! go away winter..

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