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  1. Me and Mine

    Random pics of stuff drawn or found by me and perhaps a picture or two of my face may show up if you're lucky.
  2. A Little Place for Poems

    Once I dared to love, I loved her with all my heart and soul, she was everything to me but I was not to her. She said I was and perhaps I had once been but I was no longer and she walked away. Not only did she walk, she reached into my chest and took my heart with her, my soul followed suit and wrapped itself about her shoulders still trying to keep her happy. Now all that remains is an empty shell, a corpse, a box with no gift inside
  3. Moving On

    "If someone walks away on you let them go, it's their loss." In my current situation I'm having a hard time with this, it feels like the girl who walked away from me had my heart in her hand and my soul around her shoulders when she left. I'm just wondering about your thoughts on this. P.S.:advice is accepted and if someone else asks for help please do
  4. your favorite brand of jeans?

    If skinny jeans I personally order from Rivithead.com but if I'm wearing something more loose black whatever fits works for me

    "Forever and Always" and "Bittersweet Memories" both by Bullet for My Valentine
  6. Dick

    What the bleeding hell?
  7. True love

    Yes it's real, yes it's annoying sometimes, and yes I enjoy that particular annoyance.
  8. *takes a deep breath and pops knuckles* Alright let's see how many people I can piss off at once because they don't read the whole post before reacting. The people who say love is a necessity are correct, loving and being loved in return is a basic human need. On the other hand those who say this site isn't a dating site are also correct, this site is a place to talk with friends and people who can see things in similar ways. However that may lead to people liking each other, to those I say congrats but please keep it between you because it causes arguements like this. Thank you for reading this whole post you may now write your angy response if you so choose.
  9. A place to vent and parhaps get advice

    Thank you for that and I hope you and your boyfriend are happy.????
  10. Name your addiction

    Books, music, my girlfriend, cooking, etc.
  11. Three words: Scotland, because castles.
  12. SUB or DOM

    Yin and Yang, there must always be a balance.
  13. Would You Like To be In a Forrest with Slender Man?

    I wouldn't be stuck there with him...he'd be stuck there with me????
  14. Favorite Tim Burton movie

    You mean pick just one?! *whispers to the guy next to me* These people must be crazy if they think I could pick just one.
  15. Story of a girl

    That was beautiful.