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    bryant wi
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    guitar, cars, graveyards, ghost, odd stuff, different color hair, weird people. I have a weird personality. Love to play guitar listen to music. For some reason I can find peace when I am in the dark alone or at a graveyard. Like to meat new people.

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    Owl City
    Thousand Foot Krutch
    Family Force 5
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  1. It vary's for me some days I like skillet and other days I want something not as hard like owl city.
  2. Lime green T shirt and longer gray shorts.
  3. It depends on for me. For work i like black jeans dosent matter what temperature. After work it is normally longer shorts and bright color T shirt haha.
  4. I am on here daily usually. I will say though I have not been on here that long to see what this site was back in the day.
  5. I have lots of favorites but, right now it has to be Thousand foot krutch, so far gone
  6. Cool:3. Make sure to have some fun when you practice.
  7. Then go for it. Just remember one thing stay on it. What I mean byou that is stay positive and never give up. I have been doing telekinesis for about 2 years it's hard at first but easier as it goes.
  8. Yes, theta is 3 to 4 brain waves I believe. Their is a meditation to get you in to theta state of mind. It's also takes practice. Doing the meditation over and over till you get really good at it.
  9. cool. One other thing is "Theta" meditation that works to.
  10. Your welcome, Since I have been doing it I have become more of a relaxed person. Meditation is key in this.
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