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  1. Were you on the chatango chat or just the forums?
  2. Soph


    Anyone going to any music festivals this year? Or wanting to go to any? :}
  3. The word itself is ridiculous. Having sex with various people (obviously whilst you're not in a relationship) shouldn't mean you're a whore.
  4. Started watching it a month ago and I'm still on season 1
  5. I think Italy pretty much got everything I want to say, haha. Just two things, there isn't anything wrong with having sex with lots of people and being a "whore". There's no such thing as too much sex. Secondly - depression isn't specific. Yes, recently it has been glamourised and a fair amount of people do claim it for attention, but you have no idea what someone's feeling. You can't tell someone they're not depressed because they don't have a good enough reason that you can accept, it doesn't work like that. It's lack of awareness of mental health issues that allows attitudes like that, ahaha.
  6. Casually using the word "rape" like that isn't cool. Especially using the phrase "eye raping" them implying that it's okay, lol.
  7. Rollercoasters especially ones that go upside down or the seat makes you face the floor
  8. Soph


    Any of you study law, politics or philosophy and ethics? :}
  9. Anything from that Frozen film. People always put Let It Go or that snowman one on at the pub. Not cool.
  10. I currently have snakebites, stretched lobes, several ear cartilage piercings and a tongue piercing. I used to have nostril, eyebrow, bridge, septum and medusa too :} I want some tattoos but I'm not entirely sure what yet, so I'm waiting until I can decide :}
  11. Diamond Eyes by Deftones, Artwork by The Used, American Idiot by Green Day, Ex Lives by Every Time I Die, Say It Like You Mean It by The Starting Line, Sempiternal by BMTH andddd both of The Skints' albums. I like a lotttt.
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