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  1. JACK. One of the best friends I will ever have....

    You're gone now.

    I miss you man.

  2. Longtimenosee

    I couldn't find the graphic novel thread...

    It puzzles me why you're still here. I think I even still have you on skype. What a weird old time EP was. I'd love to find a new place to hangout. I'd doubt you'd remember me especially on this new account. Old times. good memories.
  3. Longtimenosee

    Long time no see EP

    So, I see this place is dead. I remember meeting some of the best and worst people here. My best Friend jack who I met on EP died. I loved Jack, He really was a great guy a great friend, I'll miss him forever. He had so much more potential than me, he could speak more languages than me went to university, was handsome, was healthy, had good friends and fun. He also came he, I think it was about 2012 or 2013 when we both met, we started off hating each other, trolling each other, eventually we both got perma banned, once he became friends he trolled this place so much so often. People may not have liked us, but we were some of the first here we knew all the very first people here we were the foundations of this place. It's weird to think now that I came back out of chance that this small internet page shaped so much of my life of his life. Great memories forever and always. Rest in piece Emo puddle, Rest in piece Jack. Still thinking about you forever and always. I still have a few people from EP on facebook. Those were the days. RIP EP RIP jack, Love you man. Love you like a brother. I miss you.
  4. Hey, I don't think you'll remember me......

    It's Arron, We used to talk all the time.

    Anyway, I quit college a few years ago and I'm living in China, I had an urge to come back to this site today, for nostalgia.

    I saw your screen name and my mind was like, oh shit man you remember that girl.

    So i thought I'd message you to see if you wanted to catch up.

    Arron Lewis Stamp. an old British friend.

    1. Longtimenosee


      Just in case you do ever see this I'd better leave a means of contacting me.

      If you even remember me or whatever, though maybe I'll make a better effort you contact you.

      I'm pretty emotional today remembering a lot of things.

      Arron.betts is my skype though I'm now Arron stamp. Hope to hear from you.