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  1. Dori

    Suicide Room

    I’ve seen it In all honesty, I think they want an important message to be there, but it isn’t. I think people took it the wrong way. It’s supposed to discourage suicide, yet the “tumblr kids” got ahold of it, like everything else, and made the depressed people even more depressed. Yes, I didn’t like it. Don’t come at me, hear me out. They’re idea of suicide cults was what threw me off. They’re horrible, convincing people to kill themselves. Yet, in this movie they show them as loving friends. I used to like it, until I went through similar things.
  2. Merlin is a first by far. I’m currently watching dexter, and plan to watch vampire diaries. I know, I’m late, but so far dexter is really good. I want to find some good fantasy to watch at some point.
  3. I don’t feel ashamed, I love twilight and the series. The underworld series is an extremely close second.
  4. I LOVE Tomb Raider. It was the first game series I got into. It started my gaming life, and I hold a very special spot in my heart for it. When they did the reboot, I have to admit I was upset for them leaving so many questions. I still enjoy the games though.
  5. Dori

    Hair Inspiration from Me

    For everyone wondering, it’s all in the trimming. I don’t use products and/or blow dry.
  6. Bisexual female. I crush hard on men and women both, but because of different things ^^
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