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  1. the night falls in a heavy, suffocating cloak, cold and alone are we. the understanding for which you sacrifice yourself flares once, then dies, taken by guilt. all hope must die. your love is no more. how could you fail to believe? lost souls surround us, crying, we are fallen
  2. I always stop and wonder why My cuts look normal in my lifelong lie Blood now covers my arms No one knows I'm the one who self-harms "Little Emo" they call me I turn to my hateful nickname They pretend to slit their wrists I drop my head in shame I can't break my feelings Always feeling alone I hide for the day Just begging to get home I collapse on my bed With the razor blades in hand And get myself To a safer land I glance in the mirror As I start to cry Always looking for the day When I can finally die
  3. I'm crying. Not heard. I'm hurt. Never noticed. I'm useless. Never useful. I see things. Never seen. I hear things. Never heard. I cut. Never stopped. I care. They don't. They love life And I don't. Never noticed. Until dead.
  4. No one will really care. You are just a passing wind. You don't matter anyway. You are just a laughing stock. You are a failure. Your life don't matter. It will all be sadness. Their life will go on. They will just forget about you. You don't matter. I can't take it anymore. l'm crying now. With no sound. I don't want them to hear me. I just want to end it.
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