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  1. Came in today with my other anime like hoodie
  2. It all started back in the mid 2000s where I was in middle school and I made a emo female friend. She come to complement me and let me hang with her. She then told me about the life of emo and showed me emo things and invited me to a hangout with her emo friends. I went and at the time I was scared being normal and all. So being around that edgy crowd I like ran off and hid and the girl that invited me calmed me down and I got accepted into her group even though her friend hated me. After this I had I occasional run ins with them with just casual hellos. Growing up later on in life I was quite a loner and very emotional with songs because of this but I was more into goth then emo at the time. My brother had a bunch of punk Rock friends that were a little mean to me, they used to tie me up a lot. (I laugh at it now) But around 2010 I joined a website called the experience project where I met my clone pretty much the only difference is that he was emo we shared everything together he wanted to get me into emo as well but sadly we lost touch after the websites shut down. I never saw him again. Now in my current time Im a major loner and the non existent type of person and caught PTSD in 2017 so I get very emotional and became a little shy and scared of aggressive behavior of others. I feel like this style now copes with me and I love it every way but still deal with hell.
  3. I live in a small town, when I had friends here they kinda came and went and moves elsewhere. I got a lot of entertainment from my brother and his friends and he left me behind. Now suffering from PTSD and not being around anyone making me unleash that former rage and bring on full on depression and post depression. Everyday I'm alone I enjoy being the emo me but at the same time it's hell with my PTSD. I cry sometimes and feel like I'm under a curse. Although I'm coping I continue to fight this alone. I hope one day to at least find a online emo chat buddy like back in the day.
  4. So I went to a bar last night with my emo gear. Which was a striped shirt with black straps and demonia brand combat boots and gothic studded goth pants with straps anyway. I come in and I got some stares for a minute and they went back to whatever so I played a couple pool games alone and kept like going back and forth. Next thing you know I got some compliments from the people playing there and they wanted to play pool with me and they were being super nice then they usually do when I'm in there. I don't know if because they think I'm a upset emo kid or but for once in my life there was a change. That and I live in a small town so I don't know.
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