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  1. Which of you Emo/Scene people on this site are from New York State or Massachusetts or Vermont?? Because I want someone to hang out with. I’m 27 and Emo. So please be in your 20’s like me! My Kik username is ore0thepanda but if you are a creep, I will block you!
  2. I’m 27, bi. Looking to chat. If you’re Emo in your 20’s, hmu. My Kik: ore0thepanda
  3. UPDATE: I just realized I posted this under the wrong category! I didn’t realize I was still under the same page where I made my previous post! I feel so stupid. Although, I can’t find the option to delete this post. So disregard!!! Never mind....... I’m 27. You can message me on Kik if you are an Emo person in their 20’s. Guys and girls are both welcome. I’m bi. However, my Kik username is in my profile. Check it out! I won’t post it right here.
  4. You’re never too old to dress Emo. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise!
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