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  1. As the title says - What song, no matter how many times you listen to it, gives you the goosebumps or makes you tear up?
  2. emo love

    Of course, if the douchebag guys that you girls dated, every guy must be a jerk... Woman logic, geez.
  3. emo love

  4. Am I a slut?

    "And some of them brag about not being a virgin and I'm still one." = You're a virgin = You're not a slut.
  5. milk and cookies

    This thread is as pointless as a circle.
  6. Urgh...Valentine's Day

    Many people FIND their love on valentine's day. Trust me, that crush you've been craving might just be easier to catch if you try on valentines day. ;3
  7. Man doesn't this really bother you?

    Indeed. It kinda makes me not want to live on this planet anymore.
  8. I...I don't know what my orientation is anymore...

    Try not to give guys in general the fault. Many people are dicks, no matter the gender.
  9. DayDreamers!

    Yup, you're not alone xD I often have trouble following along in class because I start to daydream about all kinds of different stuff.. It sucks sometimes, but other times I'm glad that I can switch my attention away for a while <3
  10. Dating someone younger than you? - need an opinion.

    Stop comparing this to your parents. Age difference will alter later on... But being a teen is where the years REALLY count, as you change so much in these years. 2 years is a significant difference, and it might hurt your relationship (for example, you might feel way more modest and mature than him sometimes), or nothing might happen. Try, and figure it out! But don't give him false expectations.
  11. Goodbyes

    Oh my god. I love this one! <3
  12. people keep calling me goth!

    Labels are for jars. Are you a jar?
  13. Sex, Kiss, Hug, Pass, or Other!!

    Lots of sex. I fuck everything with a pulse.
  14. Sex, Kiss, Hug, Pass, or Other!!

    Sex. <3
  15. not just people but even your family :(

    My father calls me an emo in a joking manner, but I'm starting to get pissed when he keeps telling me that I "need" to cut my hair or take it back when I'm eating so he can see my face, which he obviously can either way. But what the heck, I would also make fun of my kid if he/she was a prep