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  1. This username has aged like milk, since I am no longer hot, emo, or a boy

  2. 1'm ju5t a hawt 3m() b0i l00king 4 a hawt 3m() b0i
  3. Sad part is I'm only 60% sure you're trolling
  4. Of all the words you could have used you chose... tasteless?
  5. Not going to lie, I have no idea what you're on about here, I'm not sure if you're backing me up or if I should sound offended Wat "I should get to act like a tool because they also act like tools" Okay yeah, gg, good luck with that, that'll end well, there is 0 flaws in that logic
  6. If you honestly think music is what makes these kids stupid then I'm going to go ahead and lump you into the same group as them
  7. 1) I wanted to play an ETF song that was played after their songs 2) If you got top on their songs at that time you got a sick background which I'm a sucker for 3) Yes
  8. Then to put it bluntly, you're a self-centered fuckwad, no-one cares if you don't like people like that, they're allowed to enjoy it for whatever reason suits them. I despise BvB but was forced to play their songs on guitar hero and the guitar is amazing, if I listen to them it's simply for that one part, and that means fuck all 'cause who cares M8 you're like 13 you haven't even said a proper reason to hate the world yet God damn it EP, I know you're dead but that doesn't mean you have to go back to the edgy 13 year old posts
  9. Thanks to Leah I deleted all the spam, so if you see some reporting it will actually do something now

  10. I'm not sure if that is the correct way to describe this
  11. "Here's a trans person because we found a niche market, BUT LOOK THEY'RE THE STAR" K
  12. Hawt3m()Boi


    2 hardcore 5 me
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