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  1. I used a mechanical pencil, a red biro and a black marker pen. Thanks!
  2. Trying to get back into drawing, just finished this and Im quite happy with it
  3. Im not saying you aren't entitled to an opinion, but whether your opinion should actually carry any weight when it comes to the decision of whether or not it should be criminalised to have an abortion. Even if it's not the majority, that doesn't mean that abortion should be illegal. The issue here is that people are fighting for abortion to be illegal, when it is a very necessary in some cases, and to take that option away you are putting people at risk. Yes there are immature teens, but blame that on the ridiculously poor coverage in sex education, the vast majority of said teens are hugely ignorant to how sex and procreation work, money that you are suggesting should be paid to these children in care, could instead be put towards better sex education, and making contraception more readily available and free. Plus if I were you, I'd be much more concerned about the other things that your taxes are paying for, such as the amount of money spent on men with erectile dysfunction.
  4. Its a vague yet sensible argument. There is no need to contribute needlessly to the population, I say if you can't look after/love the child, then you shouldn't really be having it. There are countless children in care, which is not only extremely sad but also very costly, and to have a child and then pretty much throw them away for the sake of your so called conscience is irresponsible beyond comprehension, not to mention extremely hypocritical as the overall damage both economically and emotionally of a child having to grow up in foster care is far greater than an aborted fetus, which is pretty much nonexistant. Not to mention that contraception isn't 100% successful, condoms break etc, and sometimes even the morning after pill doesn't work either. It is possible to conceive even when you're trying to avoid it, although quite uncommon. Also I'd like to add that sometimes even people that actually want to have a baby need to have an abortion, due to medical problems for example ectopic pregnancies, which if undetected is fatal, or if the life expectancy of the child is practically nonexistant, like in cases of anencephaly where the baby can't survive outside of the womb. There are many situations where if the fetus is carried to term, it would be fatal to both the baby and the mother, which is tragic. There are also cases where the developing fetus can begin to miscarry and requires an abortion such as in this case, where unfortunately the woman was denied medical assistance because abortions are illegal in ireland and she died. An abortion is a very difficult thing for a woman to go through, and can be very traumatic and can trigger depression, understandably. I find people who protest against abortion quite disgusting, especially when they verbally assault women and couples going into abortion clinics, as they are just making a painful ordeal all the more horrific. Evidently, I am pro choice. If you want to keep your baby, that's fine, and that is your business and it is your body. It's none of your business if someone needs to get an abortion, for any reason. It is so sickening that in some countries it is illegal, and in certain places you can even be imprisoned for attempting to abort a fetus, even if it's a product of rape. Yes it is. It is a fetus, not a developed person. If you are bringing a child to term you have to acknowledge that you will be responsible for that child, and will have to make decisions on it's behalf both during your pregnancy and for quite a long time after it is born. As I said is is completely foolish to have a baby and put it in care for the sake of a clean conscience. No one asks to be born, so it's not like the baby has any choice in the matter anyway. Especially in cases of rape. You expect someone who has undergone something extremely traumatising and degrading, to fully love a child that is a product of abuse and violation? How would you feel if you found out you were concieved from rape? Not to mention, will that person even be capable of nurturing a child, not only will they most likely hold huge amounts of resent towards the child if they are forced to have it, but they will also be experience huge amounts of dysphoria, and it will most likely cause them to be very emotionally damaged. Imagine having to look at a child that resembles a person who brutally violated you. Ultimately, if you don't have a womb, your opinion is worth close to nothing on the matter.
  5. I don't know if you can get it where you are but Adore Dye is really good, and Bleach London. But yeah make sure to condition your hair lots, you should use hair masks fairly regularly theyre quite easy to make, also only washing your hair with cold water because it locks it in (hot water loosens the pigment) don't wash your hair every single day, don't use too much heat on your hair too often... thats all I can think of right now
  6. Its a cute piece of art by niqwoz which someone has put some crappy text over. Please do not plagiarise.
  7. depends how big you intend on having it, best thing to do is ask the tattooists opinion too and make a decision with them.
  8. Surely theres your answer? get what you want, not what people think you should get.
  9. very technically speaking if you change the natural form of your body in ANY way (shaving, dying your hair, etc) it's counted as body modification, it's just so common and *not* extreme that people don't really think of it as body modification.
  10. People can make suggestions etc but I strongly suggest you don't offer to pay people for it. I imagine most people will want to help you for fun. You can't suddenly change your appearance entirely, or you could but I suggest doing it gradually, as generally for this look people have longish hair and you're going to want more than one outfit. Unless you're super rich I don't advise blowing all your cash immediately. If you are ok shopping online, I suggest maybe you check out the Style Guide thread as it has plenty of links to online stores that members have already suggested. Most of the clothes on there should be create a relatively typical 'emo' look when combined and I think it's important that you pick the clothes yourself as you are more likely to know what will suit your body type. If online shops are out of the question, maybe give a roundabout idea of what sort of shops are in your area? You can probably find black skinny jeans in most shops, and black shirts. Pretty much anything black is good.
  11. what next, an infinity sign with the anchor and treble clef in the loop?
  12. I know the feeling, but yeah I think it'd look better with different wings? you could also try out drawing them in the style of traditional chinese calligraphy to carry on with the ying yang? just a thought
  13. Looks nice! Have you tried seeing what it'd look like with different types of wings? Moth wings would be cool!
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