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  1. Still listen to this song n love them <3
  2. Which gender to you is better?Why?
  3. Yeah Ill Try not that good
  4. no i have someone n almost a yr but thts how i feel if we ever ended.. n i felt lik tht be4
  5. PhyC0ChicK


    People kno better with me ill fuckin RIP there insides out
  6. PhyC0ChicK

    Just Me

  7. I dont even know how to feel..

  8. How do you feel after a break up with someone you love or thought you love? Cuz i feel like i was never good enough n i shouldnt have no one..
  9. I Hope Ya'll Agree If you love someone so much why would you treat them like crap Or when they need you, you dont help Or you push them away Or talk maa shyt behide there back Or most likey try and pretend they never ment nothin to you When you do that your hurting them more than ever like seriously whats rong with you?
  10. I understand wats ur goin through im still kinda goin through it today n it hurts lik hell...but dont let ppl take ur life away juss be strong n Never give up n find hope
  11. well, where do you shop lik hot topic n all the other stores
  12. woooow.....this made me tear....im...sorry........n just i think he anit the one theres odee ppl out there sooo dnt worry forget him....ok ur wayyy better than himm he had ur trust idk wat was his probley but he shouldnt never did tht......thts juss fucked up.......
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