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  1. Amz

    Is EP dead?

    glad to know you miss me too fam
  2. Amz

    Is EP dead?

    I tried this once before, when I was extremely active. GL
  3. Amz

    Who remembers me from 2 years ago?

    I don't remember you tbh hello there
  4. Wow. Actually miss this place.

    1. Purple Witch

      Purple Witch

      Yeah, but it's like no one is ever one here..... not at the same time anymore

  5. Amz

    Lets hear it for PTV tho ?

    ^ Lol PTV is pretty cool.
  6. Amz

    count to 100,000... if we can :P

    43 bundles of sticks
  7. Amz

    Marilyn Manson fans?

    All hail the Manson.
  8. Amz

    what shoes ?

    A pair of Osiris, a pair of black heels, and black furry Demonia boots. =My life
  9. Amz

    i will die alone.....

    I just choked on my drink.
  10. Amz

    blue hair?

    It does damage your hair, a bit more every time. You can try a type of shampoo that has bleach infused in it. It's a healthier way of bleaching your hair. I also recommend Jerome Russell's hair dye. It is as close to permanent as I've ever used before. Didn't fade for months. It only began fading once I started using a toner, to take out the colour, and even then, it was still strong.
  11. Amz


    What is the best thing about humans? What traits make us beautiful? What are the bad things about us?