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Found 2 results

  1. GREY SKIES (Demos) Here's 6 of my songs I decided to record, these are me playing directly into my phones voice memos. This is how I write and work on ideas. I recently tried to start using microphones and software to lay out better versions of my ideas but I lose patience quickly.. I've not posted any songs online for around 8 years, I get close to, but begin to overthink, judge too heavily, and get too anxious about other peoples thoughts, but it's time to let them fly. These 6 songs include a song wrote 11 years ago (Above Hollywood), 3 wrote two years ago (Burnt Out, Grey Skies, Home), 1 from a couple of months ago (Storyteller), and an opening track which only came together last night (Jaded). There's fuck ups, there's bum notes, there's everything you'd expect in a phone recording - but there's no layers and no edits! New to this forum, so please have a listen and let's talk ! You can stream and download any if you really wanted for free at http://soundcloud.com/boymemory
  2. Hey guys, My name is Melanie and I'm a musicial. I have several videos on my YouTube Channel.(www.youtube.com/thismelgirl) Please check it out if you can! This is the most recent video I've posted. This video was to create awareness about the burden that is put on us students. ( ) Give it a watch, a like, a comment, or a share to spread the word. I would also like to apologize to all those who got angry at me for "spamming". I did not know my way around the site, however I am learning and would appreciate your support! Thank you so much.
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