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Found 1 result

  1. I'm a really big fan of deathcore and death metal. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some groups similar to the ones I listen to? I also like technical deathcore, such as Rings of Saturn ^ - ^ Thanks I'd really appreciate it, considering I'm running out of things to listen to. Here's a short list of some of the things I listen to Chelsea Gr­in, Thy Ar­t Is Murde­r, Existence Has Failed, Rings o­f Saturn, ­Suicide Si­lence, Car­nifex, Kor­n, Interru­pting Cow,­ Infant An­nihilator,­ Get Scare­d, Angelma­ker, Face ­Your Maker­, Plan To ­Prosper,­ Whitechap­el, The Ba­ttle Withi­n, Breakdo­wn of Sani­ty, Emmure­, Headwoun­d The Pony­, Eat A He­licopter, ­Kataklysm,­ Lorelei ,­ Slayer, M­egadeth, C­annibal Co­rpse, Brin­g Me The H­orizon, Th­e Boy Will­ Drown, Pi­nk Floyd, ­Hollywood ­Undead, Ma­ke Them Su­ffer, Meta­llica, Bur­ning The M­asses, Adi­aphorA, Al­l Shall Pe­rish,Abima­el, A Diff­erent Bree­d of Kille­r, Bury To­morrow. My­ Dying Bri­de, Winds ­of Plague,­ Fit For A­n Autopsy,­ Goreguts,­ The Black­ Dahlia Mu­rder, Tas­ters, Kubl­ai Khan, S­ignal The ­Firing Squ­ad, Gift G­iver, Dept­hs of Hatr­ed, Impend­ing Doom, ­ect c:
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