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Found 23 results

  1. As the title says - What song, no matter how many times you listen to it, gives you the goosebumps or makes you tear up?
  2. From the album: Kitten

  3. H0ld.on.till.m4y

    IMG 3405

    From the album: Kitten

  4. What band do you think is the best on warped tour. If your going who are you most excited for
  5. So, it takes me a really long time to list all of my favorite bands. For example, we have BVB, BOTDF, FIR, BMTH, A7X, FFR, SS, MCR, Oomph!, Three Days Grace, Jeffree Star, New Years Day, P!ATD, Marilyn Manson, YMAS, Breathe Carolina, The Alkaline Trio, iwrestledabearonce, and a lot of others. What about you guys?
  6. The only band I can't stand is system of a down >.<
  7. Do you guy like them?, if so why what your favorite song from them (for me is all of them) so...what u think of them?
  8. Haiii guys and gals, I wanna know what you think are some good bands?! Obvs i know some bands like BVB, FOB, BFS and others :3 but what about YOU? YOU can tel me any band, you like! GOOOOOO! (btw i know i posted in wrong topic place-thingy but it weren't my faut, bloody laptop!)
  9. I need Linkin Park and Simple Plan to survive. How about you all?
  10. Most people have that one song that means everything to them and gives them shivers when they listen to it. I have a few I guess, but one of mine is Journeyman by Iron Maiden. It reminds me that even if things push me down, I'm still free, and I can overcome it, and giving up isn't an option no matter what things you have done, good or bad. Anyone else have something like that?
  11. RAZOR


    © http://www.facebook.com/screamuntillyourlungsgiveout

  12. Queen, Fly Leaf, FastBall, Shinedown, All Time Low, Plain White T's, Metro Station, Interpool, Rise Against, Cheap Trick, MeatLoaf, Bon Jovie, CranBerries, Pat Benetar, Fountains of Wane, 5 finger Death Punch, Hinder, Simple Plan, Averil Lavigne, Twisted Sister, System of a Down, Serj Tanken, Sixx AM, Puddle of Mudd, YellowCard, Alien Ant Farm, Sum 41, Hoostbank, GodSmack, 3Doors Down, Lifehouse, Sublime, THe Bloodhound Gang, 30 seconds to Mars, Finger 11, Jett, Joan Jet and the Blackhearts, Staind, Trapt, Taprot, Chevelle, Billy Tallent,Ozzy,Bush,Metalica, Saliva,Korn,Blink182,Greenday,Disturbed, Guns and Roses, Dio, 999, Buckcherry, Slipknot, The Mutants, Black Sabbath, Motly Crue, Sex Pistols, Roses are Red, Yes, The Killers, Seether, Good Charlotte, Anberlin,Evenesence, Ghost Dance, Incubus, THe Cure, The Flobots, Lynard Skynard, Marylin Monroe, NickleBack, A7X, A Perfect Circle, Nirvana, t.A.T.u, Allister, Alter Bridge, Led Zeplin, Moterhead, If I missed any feel free to post who they are.
  13. RaiiChuu


    From the album: OMG

  14. RaiiChuu


    From the album: OMG

  15. wuts your favorite band
  16. Okay..so..I thought about how many bands there are..like new local, small town bands, and I started thinking.... There are thousands of bands out there that are from small towns, that are AMAZING or even just really good, but no one ever hears of them because they aren't able to get good gigs, or there town doesn't show support. So, I want to help small local bands gain fans. If there are any good local bands that you know of, I want you to post about them here and to put a link to something of theirs, whether being a facebook link, or a youtube song. The more the better....I hope that small, local, amazing bands will gain some fans from this ^-^ Here's some bands I like from my area: A Ghost in the Machine- http://www.facebook.com/AGhostInTheMachine Innovations- http://www.facebook.com/innovationsband Sent By Ares- http://www.facebook.com/sentbyares My Ransomed Soul- http://www.facebook.com/myransomedsoul Go give these guys some love if you like them!
  17. 1). A Vain Attempt 2). Alesana 3). A city serene 4). Dear whoever 5). Eudora Band like escape the fate, black veil brides and bring me the horizon are not emo! xD Add me Or add me on facebook
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