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Found 2 results

  1. ok so i caught the new criss angel show "believe" on tv and he has changed so much o.o he chopped off nearly all his hair and he changed the type of clothes he wears.... it's weird to see him look.... so normal. I mean i do still think he's awesome because well he's awesome but i really do miss his old look D:
  2. Dear Love, Fuck you, For all the shit you've put me through. Dear Love, I hate you, Enjoy it, do you? Well no more, My heart is torn. You've ruined me for life, Stabbed me with your knife. I've played your game for far too long, Too long I've danced to your siren song. Dear Love, Why? Why do you enjoy making me cry? You've made me scream aloud, Dear Love, Are you proud? You have broken me, You've laughed at my plee. My plee for you to let me go, I beg of you... But No. Dear Love, You've changed me, For the better possibly. Dear Love, I love you, Even after what you've put
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