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Found 5 results

  1. You wake up....away from your home.........in a fort with tens of other survivors.......you have to focus only on getting food and water & killing Zombies......but you also want your emo/scene style.......you have very less resources....you can use your creativity......example- use of leafs/wood to make funky bracelets.... Note: if you wear too complicated clothing or jwellery.....then Zombies can catch you easily.....
  2. I wish I had some/a: Bell Bottom Jeans (Mini)skirt Made of Snakeskin Acid-Washed Jeans Acid-Washed Jean Jacket/Vest There's more too, but I can't quite recall the rest.
  3. What does "Emo" clothing consist and not consist of? Can it be anything? If someone was to wear all pink dresses, are they still considered emo? Are you only emo if you wear black? Does being emo all depend on what clothes you wear? I'm interested in what you think.
  4. ok so i have like a lot of clothes. that i dont want and my mom keeps telling me to throw them away but i dont want to because i want to donate them to the lesss fortanate. . what do i do?
  5. So I'm thinking of wearing this someday: black short-shorts with black fishnet thighs and dark gray converse. And ill probably wear a ripped purple shirt with a black tank top undernead. But I dunno if it would look good...I tried asking this in yahoo answers but they said the thighs would make me look hookerish....help plz?
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