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Found 22 results

  1. asoftcreature

    In a very weird way

    [ѕσƒткσяє] Photo Series project. (2016-Present) Thoughts and feedback always welcome.
  2. It hurts, but you force a smile. It kills you, but you hide it. It wants out, but you keep it in it's shell There's pain inside, but no one can tell. You scream and cry at night, but your numb by morning You hate all of them, but you smile when they pass You want to run away, but you don't dare There's pain inside, but you don't care Your past your breaking point, you can't keep it in. Your tired of hiding, you can't control it anymore. Your done being quiet, you finally break. You scream out loud, and now it shows There's pain inside, now everyone knows
  3. Is the pain, the agony, not enough? There is nothing else, it doesn't add up. My heart ached for years, I shed all your tears. Yet is there something more that you need? Do you want my poor, trembling body to bleed? Is there anything here now, that could have enough power? I cannot die anymore now, I am dead. Isn't this enough to soothe your aching head? Can you not see, what you have done to me? Is there nothing else that could bring you a smile, than torturing a broken and helpless child? Will there ever be a day, that you will turn away? Will you ever see what your own hands
  4. From the album: Random~

    © Kennedy Chaotic

  5. From the album: Random~

    © Kennedy Chaotic

  6. From the album: Random~

    © Kennedy Chaotic

  7. As I sit here, staring into the darkness. Not the darkness caused by the sun hiding itself on the other half of the earth. No, i'm staring into the darkness that is life itself. The life that has tried so hard to bring me down, drove me to the brink of insanity. The life that has given me so many nice things, only to pry them from my cold bloody hands. The life that has tormented me endlessly. The life that has shoved my face into the teachings of multiple false gods, turning my mind to the evil of satanism, becoming a disappointment to christian family. The life that forces me to watch the fe
  8. Heyy people,, I want to dye my hair dark blue without bleaching it first. Does anyone know a place or website to buy cheap, good quality dark blue hair dye? I live in Europe. xxxxxxxxxx Jenn <3 <3 <3
  9. take a look in my eyes see my anger i wish it would burn you alive you whisper to me poison and lies of happiness then clipped my wings so i can no longer fly, in this storm wishing for death this bloody monster you turned me into my serenity cracked as the demons come calling, my dreams turn to dust and shadows embrace me in there suprisingly warm arms, ill say goodbye for now but ill see you very soon in your nightmares hiding in the dark waiting and planing how to torment you till you'r dead and gone like me.
  10. the glass is shattered I need to pick them up my hands bleed and leave from my skin but yet the pains absorbed in like a sponge. I must put them back together water drops raced from my cheeks like waterfalls mixed with the blood tainting the glass its my fault it broke all mine I deserve this. pitiful laughter escaped from my lips and echo my thoughts. Shh shh don't cry what leaves from your lips is a lie. Please don't die . The voice paused my body as well as life and pain. then wrapped me in warmth cleaning my hands from sorrow. But it was my fault let me...
  11. Oh sweet chatastrophy, You follow me into the night With broken dreams and a shatered hope You robbed me of sight. Blinded by the chaos I flee Hidding in a hole I cry Oh this torment of mine It's keeping me from finding my sunshine. There is a fork in the road And I don't know wich way to take A decision ... A decision I will have to make.
  12. BloodMascara


    From the album: The days my hair falls correctly.

    My old hair to be honest, i kind of miss having bangs that swooped, but my hair looks better now to be honest. Just liked this picture so much because of how the computer screen effected everything in the background and the color. I'm in my pajama's but oh well, and the tongue sticking out? i don't know, i guess i was just trying to be cute.
  13. From the album: New me.

  14. From the album: Me, Annchan

    taken at school
  15. From the album: Me, Annchan

    My wrist looks like it has tattoos
  16. Dru20903

    Emo Poetry

    A cool pic I found.

    © No Rights

  17. Under my skin, I have a dirty little secret hiding under my skin. Inbetween the meat, Clinging to my bones I have a demonic little lie That nobody knows. It sits and waits While I contemplate All the twisted little feelings I harbor for you. Tight like a noose Sick just for you. I feel it Crawling under my skin, Bitter-sweet like sin. I feel it in my bones, Losing control As it seeps into my soul. This dirty little secret I've got hidden from you. It drives me insane A little secret pain. I feel it in my heartbeat When You whisper my name. My dirty little secret, love,
  18. I work so hard to hide it all Nobody gets it, so now I fall . I fall deeper in my sorrow, deeper in this hurt. Everyday, every breath, it just gets worse. I smile and try to make people know I am always fine. So, I write on the pages, the tears I can't cry. In the dark forever, that's my dream. hidden from the world, so I can scream. Nobody knows what goes on in my head. Little do they know, I want to be dead. I cant describe the feeling I fight to hide. But its unbearable, killing me inside. I have so much to say, but don't know how. I could try but just not
  19. Something dark dwells here Can you feel it slowly edging near? The taste of blood on your pale wrist The forgotten words on the shadowy kiss She's still waiting for something old, new, borrowed, blue, Only told 'All the love you could have will return to you' Dreamed a dream in her mind's eye, Believed until they said it was a lie Took to watching the sun set every day Still waiting for her prince to take her away Save her from her dreams and defend But she knows all things must come to an end...
  20. do you remember what it was like , back then, side by side you and me forever , never apart, love for each other was all we had , all wanted, I needed you to live and breathe, my light in the dark, you made my pain fade away, in to the dark of the night, our eyes gazed at each other, and as our lips met, I knew in my heart this was a moment, not to forget, do you remember what happened next, our forever ended fast , you left you had to go you had to leave , the dark took you in , thats why I wonder , where ever you are , do you remember me ? l
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