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Found 2 results

  1. As I sit here, staring into the darkness. Not the darkness caused by the sun hiding itself on the other half of the earth. No, i'm staring into the darkness that is life itself. The life that has tried so hard to bring me down, drove me to the brink of insanity. The life that has given me so many nice things, only to pry them from my cold bloody hands. The life that has tormented me endlessly. The life that has shoved my face into the teachings of multiple false gods, turning my mind to the evil of satanism, becoming a disappointment to christian family. The life that forces me to watch the fe
  2. Torn moments, Which have been sewn by fragile and uncertain fingers Brief flashes of a more simple and carefree time appear within those moments Ambiguous smiles tinged with anger and pride Are also apparent there. Nible and yet graceful at how the moments soon fall into pieces Matching and alining A patch of disappointment, and a stitch of despair, all becoming clear as the fingers cease to move The quilt of secrets unveiled, Revealing a life time of bottled rage, a broken razor to heal those wounds, inflicted by a day of masks, and a night of tears. The crusty eyes of depres
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