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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone here plays Warspear online... If you don't play it then I recommend you should... It's a really nice game... I'm a level 15 blade dancer in us-sapphire realm...
  2. Mimi: I LOVE Rock Band. Even 1 and i've never even played it XD! Guitar Hero I don't care for that much. The only thing I like about that game is that you want add your own songs from a USB. Rock Band can't do that and I wish it cook X). All this topic wants to know is: -- What song(s) you play the most on RB and/or GH? -- What's your song fave(s) from either or both games? -- Which game would you rather have and for what console? -- What interment do you play when playing? -- What song(s) from RB and/or GH that you put on your MP3/iPod/Phone/PC That's really it and you don't have to answer them all X). I play Lazy Eye, Today, Yoshimi, and Panic Attack The most. Lazy Eye, Pain Killer, Panic Attack, Top Back, Just Like Heaven, Alive, and Psycho Killer. I rather play Rock Band and only on Xbox360 (if u have a 360 add "sasunaru43ver"!). I can only sing cuz I can't do no DDR bullshit X). A lot from Rock Band 2 and some from Rock Band 3. If you have PSN add ATYMimi as well. I'm not on the PS3 a lot and i don't have rock band for it~.
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