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Found 28 results

  1. Does anyone ever get to that point and survive, I've been to it and stopped but it always comes back so is it really avoidable? I'd like to think that it is but like I'm stuck in this back and forth cycle of death or life.
  2. I lost my phone today And now I feel like poppin' a bitch in the face. It'd be great of someone talked to me; I PROMISE that I'm really sweet. I'm not really molded for that "social butterfly" aspect, yet my good vibes are kinetic. I speak in rhymes to you today simply because there's no better way to say hey.
  3. HEY, everyday i do my hair but at the end of the day my hair is awful, i got my hear over my forehead and do it well with hairspray but it never stays, have anyone some tips for me
  4. JustTired


    Does anyone else have an obsession with anything? Like a fandom or types of clothing or something like that? I am totally obsessed with Jeff the Killer and the Creepypasta fandom. My boyfriend says he finds nothing wrong with it, but I feel like everyone thinks it's weird as F. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before or currently has this issue. I don't really care what people think of me, but my friend thinks i'm going insane >,<
  5. I love rapping. But, I'm working on my singing and I want to learn "Dragostea Din Tei". In fact, I'm listening to it right now, the original (Romanian) version. How about you? =D
  6. So I recently really wanted to change my style, like all the belts and checkered jackets and skinny jeans. But I have absolutely no idea where to go for that. If you have any ideas please let me know, and maybe tell me somewhere cheap?
  7. Look at my profile. I'm the first to say that I'm not the prettiest sight. But what can I do? I do plan on dyeing my hair, but I have to wait until summer when I leave school, because they won't allow it otherwise. Anything else I can do to look better, or at least take the attention off my ugliness?
  8. Yes.....hey everyone i am 16 years old.....i 've never been in a relationship.....girls hate my face.......the only hugs i get is from my family............and that too once or twice a year........i hardly believe that i'll have a girlfriend......i've lost my hope........i cry alone....laugh alone.....do everything emotional alone...
  9. Hey,,,, Please share your phobias and fear......everyone always humiliates me due to my phobia.........whenever i try to talk to someone about my phobia they make fun of me and say its such a childish fear.........i want all of you to share your phobia and we should then talk about it....... Whenever thunderstorm starts......i close my ear and eyes even when i'm at home.......i had never walked out of house during a thunderstorm......whenever thunderstorm starts i feel like the lightning will strike me, even when i'm at home.....i know all the science and stuff that it will only strike the place from where it gets earthing, but i'm still afraid........i know it may be funny for you......but its my biggest horror......apart from it i also have acrophobia (fear of heights)........ If anyone else has any phobia please share.....and you can also talk about my phobia........
  10. ok about a month ago i started dating the most amazing girl ever and i really love her but i jist feel like im not ready for a realationship but i dont wanna mess anything up because i really love her can anyone help me with advice or something please!!!!
  11. There's this guy, I don't like him anymore. I honestly don't. I know deep down I don't. But his kiss, his kiss was my first kiss. I wasn't his but he was mine.. He holds my lips onto his and that means a lot to me.. It was special. I can't stop thinkn about our kiss. I have a boyfriend now. Me and my boyfriend don't kiss, we don't even hold hands. We just hug twice a day & that's it.. What do I do about my first kiss when I want to be committed to my boyfriend ?
  12. so i'm kind of a bit lonely at the moment . i just feel so alone and i don't know if you care or not. i won't be all depressing unless the topic comes up. just wanna talk preferably to a guy because i don't really get along with girls and don't really like talking to them.i respond quick.
  13. Sadder Days and Saturdays (verse1) The night left so freely while you tried to catch your breath. The sorrow no meaning for it to be left. [The shallows I held onto were nothing but a liar's truth, you told me you've done this before]x2 (chorus) And I WAIT! for you, to come back down. and I WAIT for you, to come back down. ONE LIFE wasn't enough? could you say that you're all stuck in love? With the GUN up to my chest, you got me right at the best. PULL the trigger tight, and wish me a goodbye tonight. (verse2) So when is this over? Does it ever get older? CAN YOU TELL me what you feel? CAN YOU TELL me what you feel? It's just, every night grows longer while you're stuck even farther THAN YOU'VE EVER BEEN before, while I, lay OUT ON THE FLOOR! I bleed out ONTO the rug. while you wasted all of this love. (chorus) (verse3) Well darling, well IT'S NOT WHAT you wanna hear, IT'S NOT WHAT you wanna hear, IT'S NOT WHAT you wanna hear tonight]x4 (chorus)
  14. Die Alone (verse) [ TONIGHT!!! stay here tonight....tonight]x2 Tonight as we lay we solemnly swear. That by day we will carry on there, is no way out when you're stuck to the ground. So get up come one get up come on get up come on get up COME ON! (chorus) Tonight we'll fly away...higher than the stars. we'll fly right into space..and wave goodbye to mars. We'll never be the same we can't remain this way. So darling please stay, you'll always be my only. (verse2) So will I DIE alone? Or will you hold my heart? IT NEVER MEANT THIS WAY! To tear us all apart.I'll love you till the end, no one else can try, to keep you from me! I'LL END THEIR LIVES TONIGHT! (chorus) Tonight we'll fly away..higher than the stars. we'll fly right into space, and wave goodbye to mars. we'll never be the same, as long as you're here tonight. I'll keep your love right here, as we come down from the light. (gtr piano) (SO!!) So....what does this mean to you? (YOU!!) Do you ever feel alone like me? (SO!!) So...can we wait until the end? (END!) While you stay here again... Tonight we'll fly away...higher than the stars. We'll fly right into space, and wave goodbye to mars. We'll never be the same...we can't remain this way. Tonight we'll...fly....
  15. If you or someone you know needs help, but isn't comfortable with going to a counselor right away, there is a website that is VERY good to go to for any questions you may have, or even jus an ear if you need to talk. It's a bit strict on what you can post, but VERY helpful. Mainly designed for suicidal people, it also has various other forums for depression, anxiety, PTSD, DID, and many other disorders, as well as suicide, loss. and a chat. I recommend it for anyone who wants help, but isn't comfortable with going to a therepist or even posting on here. www.suicideforum.com/
  16. I started smoking when I was 14. Had my first cig however when I was 12. I've quit 3 times for a total of 4 years. I keep starting back up which drives me nuts. And now, I can't seem to stop. All the times before, it was easy and I did it without a blink of an eye, but now, I can't seem to keep my hands off them! I've cut down from 3 packs of Marlboro Black Red 100's and 1 pack of Black and Milds a day to about 1 pack of the MBR 100's a day. But that's as little as I can go down. Any suggestions?
  17. I have a friend that cut herself and she like my best friend, back then she made fun of people who cut themself because she think it stupid and such but now she cut herself just like them. I ask what wrong she told me that because her mom is being a bitch about everything but for all ik her mom just made her clean the house and such. I been to her house like once a week maybe more sometime and they not that bad (even I have worse parent). Maybe she just lonely but she have even more friend then I have so i really don't know the reason or maybe she just hiding something from me. So what should I do about her, should I tell her to stop, but how do I even do that " you won't understand" she said. Maybe I should just ignore her and she will stop? I have a cousin that also hurt himself, I can't be there for him and the last time I herd he in the hospital for losing blood and all that shit now I wish I should have do something cause now he won't even text me back. so do you guy have any ideas what I should do?
  18. I am being forced to get my hair cut at about cheek bone length. So I have no idea what style or look to get so I'm open to any ideas and pictures would help.
  19. No one really listens to me. And right now I REALLY need a friend to talk to. I don't have really anyone I can talk to anymore. I really think I just scrude up my hole life. I need some cheering up.. I'm well I tend to have the thought of suicide and self harm problems. Im really depressed person who holds in and hide all their emotions in. Im really sad no matter how happy I act at times. I told my mom that I have depression problems but she doesn't really beleive me. Recently I had been soo happy. I'd stopped thinking about my depression and I was happy almost constantintly for once in 3 years. (Im 14 years old right now.) What made me happy was this guy we where dating. Everything started going downhill when I got into a fist fight as school bc a girl sent a nude picture of herself to my boyfriend at the time to his fone. (i have a video of the fight up on youtube too.) And that day right before that fight I got into happened me and him did some "stuff". And I think I might be pregnant. It's been awhile now and im getting to way worried. It's been 40 days since my last "girly week". The guy who might be a daddy broke up with my for my best-friend (well ex best-friend now). She knows that I love him and I might be too that's the worst part. Im a "cutter"... and i tried to kill myself when he broke up with me and told me he's datting some other girl.. (He told my mom that i cutted myself too.). He knows I litterly can't live without him in my life. You might think im being over dramatic but you don't know what I have been throught. Everyone says to me he's just a piece of shit and i'll find some one else. That he's not worth the tears.. or any of it. That i should mover on... But im maddly in love with him. iv never loved someone as much as him. She was one of the first person I went up to and told everything to. She watched me cry on one of my other best-friend shoulder bc of him. My best-friend tells me she's the one dating him now a few days later after we broke up. She even says he's a piece of shit too.. And the guy basically told me he wants nothing to do with me anymore. But yet he keeps saying how sorry he is and he still loves me he just don't want to be with me anymore... o.O I told some of my close friends that I think I might be pregnant and I told some other people that I was and one of them was some what still close to me even tho me and one of my ex bf hear me and we where close before we broke up over the summer. But he goes and tells everyone after i told him not too... So now the hole entire high school knows I might be pregnant. I don't care but I do at the same time. The only reason why I care is bc the possible daddy he's saying some really nasty things and making thing even worse than what they are. My mom knows everything and I think that she hates me now. ): We got a test and i took it on friday.. and my mom says if my period doesn't come by my doctors appointment on the 12th where going to take another test at the doctors. Im having the hardest time handling this I don't know if I should stay or go.. I been giving up complelty on everthing not even trying anymore.... I can't handle this..
  20. I have this problem..... I call myself a horrible girlfriend because of this and I can't tell Jon (my boyfriend) why.... He's bi and so am I but see me and him have a crush on the same guy Except his crush for him evaporated..mine has been getting worse. The guy is majorly my best friend and I'm still with Jon cause well I love him. but my crush for my best friend is there and it's getting worse.... Every time my bestie calls me sweetheart or love or hun I just get a ting coming from my heart....(I say ting because that's how I think) Or how I ALWAYS end a call from a friend I say "I love you ____" and when my bestie says it back but with my nickname it makes me smile and tear up like crazy... Me and Jon have been together for 1 year and some odd months now and I've fallen for him because he forgave me for things I WILL NOT say (bad) and he's still determined to marry me in 4 more years....I seriously love Jon:) but when I think of my best friend and his girlfriend (his girlfriend and I are complete friends now) I think lucky her because I had so many chances and failed them to be with him. I don't want to destroy their relationship nor my own... how can I get over him? how can it be so easy to fall for another while being with one? What do I do to stop my heart from tinging?
  21. Hey everyone, Brian here. I need your help. Me and my best friend are going to try and raise as much money as we can for a foundation called the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. It's a foundation which promotes a message of acceptance and tolerance among people of different subcultures. The foundation was set up when a women named Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend where beaten up in 2007 for being different and being into rock music and such. Sophie later passed away in hospital from her injuries suffered in her assault. Two teenages - the eldest just 16 - were later found guilty of her murder. Please come up with as many ideas that we can do as you can and help us raise money for this charity. If you want anymore information on this foundation visit SOPHIELANCASTERFOUNDATION.COM Thank you in advance.
  22. Youngblood

    Am I a slut?

    Hey guys! I've been feeling like this for a while. My friends keep calling me a slut, hoe, and whore. And some of them brag about not being a virgin and I'm still one. I kinda feel like one because I almost had sex with my friend's guy friend that she liked. We madeout and stuff in her house, in her room, and in her second bed. I cried almost all day the next day cause' I knew I hurt a friend. I feel bad to this day but I don't feel emotionally attached to him and he wants be friends with benefits with me. I think we are now and when he comes back down here I plan to see him. One of the worst things out of this is that part of the reason why I want to do it is because I want to get back at my friend. She has always held stuff against me about my ex and it hurt me to the point where I cried. She not only said that he grabbed her but and said it was better than mine (which I think that never happened) and she said it was payback to me, but she wore the ring that he gave me and said they were dating. That hurt me really bad. I gave it to her so I can get over him and so she can get rid of it. But no, she wore it around me to piss me off and it did. But still, idk what to do. What do you think? Please comment and advice or questions.
  23. March 3rd, 2012 4:45-4:51 am So I was hanging out my window smoking a cigarette, and I see this black cat that's Lil Focker sized (my black cat/kitten) run by going towards my front door... I'm missing a black cat, around that size. And there is another thing it could be to me, but that's a whole different story itself. So anyway I go outside hoping its either of those. Nothing is there, so I call it, still nothing to be seen all around me. Yet out of nowhere my 3 cats that were locked inside watching me standing at the screen door started freaking out and growling... It could still be my one reason...but..doubtful D: But other than that... very very weird.... any thoughts on wtf just happened? I'm up for hearing ANY possibilities... Don't be afraid, you can message me if needed <3
  24. i need to get away from my dad, hes a bad person who hurts me, i have so many scars, and he's violated me, I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! what can i do?
  25. My best friend Michael and my boyfriend Zack both had stepdads that beat on them which i found out was the same guy and i can't do anything about it i'm so mad i hate seeing zack beat up and from wat i'm being told michael isn't doing much better that guys an ass and i want 2 shove a 10 foot pole up his ass any advice?
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