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  1. [V1:] Can't you ( can't you) , just take me for who I am? ( Who I am?) We've been writing these letters, that don't make any sense anymore. I forgot to mention, the bottle is open, I have been drinking my life away for hours now. ((Hours now )) , just hoping for once you'd understand. That I love only you--- youuuu. Chorus: Just take me ( take me) for who I AM! Take me away, we can run in the sand, but forgive me if I fall, all over AGAIN! Take me, take me. My heart is open, I have sewed it up so many times, I'm given you a chance to complete me. Do you, do you even notice, I co
  2. Buried secrets , lie within me Secrets that seal my lips with wires, and inability to speak , like we're on fire In a sunset, on the beach, but there's glass here Glass that pierces my very flesh And stings like a bee Like these crystal's shedding through the darkest eyes I'm here in a room consistent with lies, Why am I the center Too bad it's cold and I'm held down by shackles Learning my own demise.
  3. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ-2GV7l6kA is this what its like? please give as much info as possible and also are there meny emos there?
  4. Let us start with the main factor. Looks: Most girls have insecurities, whether they vocalize it or not. They do. But most girls forgot one thing. True beauty. True beauty isn't what you find in the magazines. It's not the celebrities you look up to. And it surely isn't those site models. You look at these people and think,"Man, they are so gorgeous, can I look like them." Stop. Just stop right there. I shall give you an insiders look into these women. Do you realize that most of this girls drown themselves in makeup AND use the hell out of photoshop and other editing sites? Half of these wo
  5. A discussion about the many facets of life and how we deal with them. Just a friendly, open, round-table format. No discernible end of the topic to be seen. Sub-topics plainly labeled, please. No childish, pretentious notions of "emo" life. You will be summarily mocked. * * * I'll kick things off. What do you do when you find spare change anywhere? Me, I save it up. Pennies have their own container, and then all other coins go into a separate dish. I even have a back for any foreign currency I come across. Never hurts to be prepared, right?
  6. Beautiful creatures unlike any other Whose lives are determined on Who knows one another Not designated to go anywhere In reality only some really care But life will go on Even in this awful town
  7. my silence is just another word for pain but i finally give up d r o p this fake smile let these tears run down my face freely because no longer can i do this the roses are red and the violets are dead i need you to take this blade out of my hand and never give it back because if you don't i will leave this world tonight in a puddle of my sweet blood so please take this blade
  8. I hear its voice in my mind adding to my rage as I scream, cuss and cry at what? It, him, monster and he whispers louder you can't escape me, I look back into his eyes where no light shines devoid of life and screams why he smiles that smile which is more like a sneer like he knows a secret that I don't, You know why it whispers you thought you could cheat death and escape the devil himself he yells showing off Sharp teeth pushing me into the dark void where no longer light Will touch my face and all I feel is pain never to rest or be seen again by the living,
  9. I've noticed that people tend to complain so much that it gets to the put that no one even gives two shits. My question why? Is it out of attention and you are really that desperate? Or you're just lying? Or is it because you really need people to help you. But if that is the case why can't you find someone that can actually get you out of that situation instead of complaining to someone who can't? (Not being a dick, just really want to know.)
  10. I’ve found a new way of life, A new way to keep me breathing To keep me alive and still standing You won’t take me down so easily. This is me, in my fullest This is me, in my prime You won’t take me down tonight. I will ride amongst the outcast I will triumph over your imposing force You will not last …. This our time to shine!
  11. So today I was thinking back on something that's been bothering me for a while. Backwhen I had people ask me if all I listen to was emo bands. My music taste still gets critisized and judged, but I wanted to clear something up. I listen to bands I could relate to. I don't really like Emo. Miss May I isn't emo and neither is Black Veil Brides or anything else I listen to. I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate comments, maybe. But just saying. To me, there's a particular line between music I like and music that's mainstream, but I kinda like it anyway. I know that most of you think that Black Veil
  12. Most people have that one song that means everything to them and gives them shivers when they listen to it. I have a few I guess, but one of mine is Journeyman by Iron Maiden. It reminds me that even if things push me down, I'm still free, and I can overcome it, and giving up isn't an option no matter what things you have done, good or bad. Anyone else have something like that?
  13. From the album: Me ^_^

    This is literally how I am in life. Especially with guys.. I literally have a mental break down and they barely notice. They just think I'm shy but that not just it. It's more than that but no one seems to see it
  14. I LOVE music....it makes me a very happy Veronica. But also when a song is sad I get kinda sad too yah know? OR when the song is hatefull and mean it gets me pumbped....I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same <3
  15. Embyrr

    My life...

    This pretty much sums it up.

    © Found on tumblr.com

  16. Maybe not the best piece.. But if you think it's ok ask me to add more. ^///^" Anyway tell me waht do u think? The more feelings the less words Like I couldn't think about these two at once I see the dolls in melancholic dance Macabre is coming, hiting in their heads, Nothing but ignorance By force unknown they're led Dream dance my child, don't ever wake Up there is something you don't wanna know It's just a place where you could go The risk which no one wants to take It's home for thinkers on their own Where on their own are they forsaken You say they're lonly an
  17. Meaning... Tis' the thing Ive always searched for, but never have I found. Inner peace, I would die for, yet breathing am I now. A theory? Maybe. A hope? Absolutely. I keep on searching on, despite the fear that courses through me. "What if this longing is but a hope, an illusion, what then? Should my search continue on, though my endurance wears ever thin?" Is hope a comfort in itself? To love and be loved, is this where inner peace is found? Possibly so, if any humans' love is sound. Are we capable of love? If so, then why hate? The paradox is obvious, observe ou
  18. LeonVex

    still awake?

    he so im just wondering am i the only person on this site that is awake this late at night? its almost 2 in the morning and it seems like im the only person in the world. if other people have sleep problems like my why are they not here? someone please help me before slender man gets me.
  19. Oh, I can smile with my eyes and be content staring at open skies for hours on end no compromise And I can see into your soul it's not so hard but hard to console And I have found a person dead and I remember the words she said but that was then and only then And my heart aches and my heart looms but I rarely cry and rarely will And I will smile when I'm sad and rhyme until this concience passed Oh, can you smile with your eyes? And have you found
  20. Death is just a pain that is hard to feel It seems false, extremely unreal, It happens fast or slow You don't get time to let go. Life is all pain Death is a simple game, You play it And lose it, You cry and you lie Eventually we all die. We could either burn in hell Or pretend everything is all well, Either way we are all consumed by death Death taking away your every breath, So say goodbye, you've no time to cry Now I shall die.
  21. Something dark dwells here Can you feel it slowly edging near? The taste of blood on your pale wrist The forgotten words on the shadowy kiss She's still waiting for something old, new, borrowed, blue, Only told 'All the love you could have will return to you' Dreamed a dream in her mind's eye, Believed until they said it was a lie Took to watching the sun set every day Still waiting for her prince to take her away Save her from her dreams and defend But she knows all things must come to an end...
  22. Have you ever looked up at the stars at night? I mean really looked at them? If you live in a rather urban area then you might not be able to see the night sky so clearly, but those who live in rural areas, have you ever noticed that among the stars, there's a gray-blue mist? As seen here. The Romans called it the Veer Galactica, the road of milk. Today, we call it the Milky way. For those who missed the lesson in school that day, the basic facts are these: We know that one light year is equivalent to 6 trillion (6,000,000,000,000) miles. Our galaxy alone has a tot
  23. Wrote this to show him how I felt. But he didn't care... . As I lay crying, Bleeding from every cut you made. My eyes grow sore to your sight, So sore I died. You took my body and burned it, My angelic self came down. And cast they self away, To the firey pits of Hell. I fallowed you in, As you cried out in pain. Nine words whispered from my mouth, "I love you, but I hate you as well. Then I tossed you down, And flew away. Back up to heaven I went, While Satan ripped you limb from limb. I was happy.
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