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Found 12 results

  1. I live in a small town, when I had friends here they kinda came and went and moves elsewhere. I got a lot of entertainment from my brother and his friends and he left me behind. Now suffering from PTSD and not being around anyone making me unleash that former rage and bring on full on depression and post depression. Everyday I'm alone I enjoy being the emo me but at the same time it's hell with my PTSD. I cry sometimes and feel like I'm under a curse. Although I'm coping I continue to fight this alone. I hope one day to at least find a online emo chat buddy like back in the day.
  2. Hi! I think that if you feel lonely and you want to talk with someone this is the place, if you want to talk just let us know whats your problem? tell us, maybe we can help you good luck!
  3. so i'm kind of a bit lonely at the moment . i just feel so alone and i don't know if you care or not. i won't be all depressing unless the topic comes up. just wanna talk preferably to a guy because i don't really get along with girls and don't really like talking to them.i respond quick.
  4. From the album: Crazy

    A Haunted House...
  5. Swear It! (verse1) You, swear it by the night it's, only left or right. We, hold it still and fast while you, think about your past. You know, we never would've won if you, never would've come. We think, everything you do is just, something I get used to. (chorus) Well I'll sleep tonight, knowing you're not by my side. Knowing how this will end, knowing when to call it quits. I hope you sleep well darling knowing I'm yours, you will, always be my girl you will always be my world and I know, sorrow plays on both our hearts, trying to tear us apart. But you already know it won't as long as you please don't go. I'm sorry I'm not there I love you more than anything it just hurts when you're gone when you're always on the run fromm your fears, my dear, it's alright. (verse2) (SO BREAK!) Can't you feel my heart? Beating faster from afar. No one knows what's happening no one knows the fatality (THAT YOU!) Give me heart attacks, I'm always gunna have your back. I love you so much more, than anyone could ever endure. It seems THAT this reality, is nothing but a lucid dream. I'll hold you in my arms tonight, we'll fall asleep and fly up high. WAY past the starline...you know you look so beautiful tonight. (chorus)
  6. Fine... (Verse1) [i don't know what it means to win. I don't know what it means to win. I'm shallow broken (shallow broken) I'm shallow broken (shallow broken)]x2 (gtr) Can you, feel my heartbeat? Up against your chest while I beg you with my best. I don't, want this to be, something more or less I'd rather stand trial than sit down for a test. [i can't tell you my world]x4 (Chorus) Well it's on and it's off, this goes on and on and on, well it's up and it's down. Can you please just turn around? Face the wall...can you tell me what you see? (verse2) stop trying to waste time when I've only got one life. I'll make the best that ever is I'll hold on onto the bridge. Get me up get me down I'm so tired of these clouds. Shaped like hearts, one by one. Rip apart, every one. Don't know wether to stay clear, or stay in your arms dear. (chorus) (verse3) I see an empty shadow, thick and battered. Torn apart and cast aside. I'm staring in that mirror and God I fear that's me inside that wall. I hope that all is well for you i spelt. My dying bloody heart. Don't know when to stop, when to drop, let it all fall. I can't give you what you want cus you feel so...far... (chorus) Can you tell me that you feel fine...?....Can you, feel my heartbeat? Up against your chest while I beg you with my best...
  7. You can catch me while I'm sleepin', darlin' While I'm dreamin', too It's a lonely, lonely, lonely place for me baby It must get lonely for you, too
  8. I wrote this poem one day sitting in class. It's kind of morbid, but I really like it, and I hope you do, to! The lonely: Tears of blood Tears of blood flow down my cheeks. They're red because I love you. The lost won't find the care he seeks. Not when he's alone. Life born of pain is worse than death. The darkness grows ever closer. It disappears with every breath, the beating of a heart. Why is the climb so steep? It just means the fall is harder. Secrets are not impossible to keep, merely begging to be told. Falling is better than flying. The familiar ground lies ahead. What is life, but a game before dying? You roll the dice but never win. The misplaced try but always break, to mangled to be fixed. The war of love is give and take. Why does it seem so one-sided? The tears have finally dried. Their rich color stains my lips. The lost found his way and painfully died. Everyone lied. Nobody cried. He will not be missed.
  9. Life isn't sweet Its is nothing but weak my inner thoughts leaves me in a dark place i have little space voices tell me that my inner demons are coming I am summoning all my hate I love my I hateI hate my love Bright skies hurt my eyes my mind is demented madness is coming it takes insanity and makes and sanity I worship nothing i just respect all what people are afraid of my role model his name is Death Im crazy I know it but somehow I love it My heart I hate it it holds too much pain take the misery out it hurts too much dreams of destruction makes me smile dear demons of the underwold take me now!!! we shall take over all the land and leave it scared the world will become our blood bath it will drip off wallls humanity will be no more!! To bad all these thoughts are just from a dream. I know insanity has but no one is going to change me...
  10. To Be With You my head is hurting hurting from being confused my thoughts won't separate, my mind just won't clear yet it amazes me how controlling you can be even when you're not around but looking down at me from where you stand your voice, it calls to me from a place where my arms can't reach i stumble to try and find you the darkness is still too much my efforts wasted on attempts that don't mean a thing for how can it mean anything if you've been gone for so long? it's like all the days we've spent together mean nothing to me anymore they hang like spider webs on the walls, in the rooms where we once were and even in the air that i now breath they'll bring me down to a place where it's hard to escape they'll bring down to where i can be with you again and maybe that's what a part of me wants to be with you forever. </3 -the echoes (to be with you)
  11. I sit in the corners in my room sobbing knowing that know one cares to hear me Whats the point in being alive? when everybody we know will die... every minute of our life is beginning to slip by telling us the shorter time we have until we die all we can think of is how great we are when all we are are just insignificant flies just living life until we get smashed and die...
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