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Found 20 results

  1. Share and show your piercings here, and feel free to ask for help and advice. Some useful links to do with body piercing- Finding the nearest professional studio- http://www.safepiercing.org/locate-a-member/searchable-member-database/ Fake Body Jewelry- http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/online_store/fake_body_jewellery_835.cfm Ask a Professional- http://safepiercing.tumblr.com/ Informational Videos http://www.youtube.com/user/pangeapiercing?feature=watch And don't forget to keep it clean :]
  2. From the album: Yeah...

    Honestly I completely forgot that this website existed. lmao...
  3. I notice there is some emo dressed people that also like to wear Bondage pants
  4. From the album: just me

    blue hair pink hair green hair brown hair black hair
  5. From the album: ❤Rawr Princess❤

    hiiii xD

    © ola9975

  6. isetbabyzonfire


    From the album: i like candy

  7. Ok, so here it goes. Sorry its so long XD I love piercings, I just think they look amazing XD Well I've been thinking of getting my ears double pierced for some months now and I dont know how to ask my mom. Once I was having a conversation with my mom about some co-workers of hers who had piercings and somehow she realized that I wanted piercings. Then she started asking me where I wanted a hole and telling me I would never have a hole in my body but she was saying it kind of serious and kind of jokingly and half screaming. If that makes any sence at all. Then I got upset so I went to my room and I started crying. She kept asking me where I wanted a piercing and I denied it. But since I was really upset she kept coming into my room to tell me stuff and she wouldn't leave me alone so that made me really frustrated because I wanted to be alone, making me cry even more. Then I told her that I was planing on asking her for double ear piercings for my 15th birthday.She told me she was gonna think about it. But I'm afraid she only said it because I was really upset and she was felling guilty. I know I shouldn't have cried and 'Im not proud that I cried, but It's just that I really want them and that came sort of like a blow. That was like two or three months ago and we havent talked about that ever since. I asked mom for a new haircut since I hate my hair and I told her I was gonna pay for it and it took her weeks to think about it. She doesn't like the haircut but thankfuly she agrred and I'm gonna pay for it. I am prepared to offer to pay for the piercings, but will she let me? I'm afraid of asking her. I bet she thinks I forgot about the piercings since I asked her for a haircut that I'm getting next month. My birthday is in August. As I said I love piercings and I will get my lip and possibly my septum pierced when im a legal adult and I dont have to ask for her permision. But I want my ear piercings sooner!!!!!
  8. i havent got any piercings yet, but i wanna get Snake and Angel bites. my mate thinks i will look tacky, so i edited a photo to see what you guys think, i like it , what about you?
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