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Found 18 results

  1. Came in today with my other anime like hoodie
  2. GREY SKIES (Demos) Here's 6 of my songs I decided to record, these are me playing directly into my phones voice memos. This is how I write and work on ideas. I recently tried to start using microphones and software to lay out better versions of my ideas but I lose patience quickly.. I've not posted any songs online for around 8 years, I get close to, but begin to overthink, judge too heavily, and get too anxious about other peoples thoughts, but it's time to let them fly. These 6 songs include a song wrote 11 years ago (Above Hollywood), 3 wrote two years ago (Burnt Out, Grey Skies, Home), 1 from a couple of months ago (Storyteller), and an opening track which only came together last night (Jaded). There's fuck ups, there's bum notes, there's everything you'd expect in a phone recording - but there's no layers and no edits! New to this forum, so please have a listen and let's talk ! You can stream and download any if you really wanted for free at http://soundcloud.com/boymemory
  3. GlowMutt


    From the album: Me 2015

    © Glow_Shep.Instagram

  4. GlowMutt

    school :T

    From the album: Me 2015

    © Glow_Shep.Instagram

  5. GlowMutt


    From the album: Me 2015

    © Glow_Shep.Instagram

  6. So I recently really wanted to change my style, like all the belts and checkered jackets and skinny jeans. But I have absolutely no idea where to go for that. If you have any ideas please let me know, and maybe tell me somewhere cheap?
  7. skyraine18

    Happy Red Head

    From the album: Me, Myself, and I

    © Skyler R.

  8. skyraine18


    From the album: Me, Myself, and I

    This is me right now
  9. Batsman

    jeepin an creepin

    Finally got my jeep out of the shop, time to go for a drive xD
  10. Have any of you ever had a emo/goth/scene/punk/rocker teacher or principle? I wish I could. If I had a teacher that was emo, I'd be way happier at school, wouldn't you?
  11. professor_snape

    rate me ;3

    so this is me with liquid eyeliner and a mickey mouse hoodie no I don't go to school like this:( School would definately send me home or bullies would flush me in the toilet x3
  12. My Chemical Romance Vs. Panic! At the Disco Right now this question has been on my mind for the past few days. I love them both very much and I think most of you do too. But which would you like better? Just out of Curiosity? kthxbai What I'm listening to: Panic! At the Disco
  13. RainbowKidd


    From the album: meh

  14. Ima_Monster


    I was at the mall yesterday and I saw a Webkinz in the Hallmark store. It was a white monkey with black words everywhere. It had a blue mohawk and on it's left ear it had 3 silver piercings! It had a rainbow tattoo , "Punky Monkey" near it's butt. It's tail is black and red stripes! This Webkinz is flippin' awesome! I'm soooooo gonna get it. What do you all think about the new Webkinz Rockers? I don't know why Ganz decided to make these Webkinz, but I'm very happy they did. =D The monkey:
  15. RainbowKidd

    tis me

    From the album: meh

  16. Whats your favorite Punk/Rock Band?
  17. i personnally like OLD gd better, everything from 10/39sosh to nimrod, but their most successful albums are american idiot and 21st century breakdown. dont get me wrong i like their new stuff but if you listen to their first 2 albums theres alot of love songs about girls that still sound punk and are EASILY relatable to, that you could fall in love with easy if your under emotional stress with girls/relationships. and dookie and insomniac are really good too. what do you think... NEW GREEN DAY or OLD GREEN DAY??
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